By: Raphi Singer  | 

Former Israeli Ambassador to UN Danny Danon Named Visiting Professor in Political Science Dept.

Danny Danon, former permanent representative of Israel to the United Nations (UN), has been named a visiting professor in YU’s Political Science Department, according to a press release sent to The Commentator. 

The press release stated that he will be giving seminars and lectures, mentoring students and writing about his experience of “promoting Israel and the Jewish People” at the UN. Additionally, it noted that he will focus on “building bridges in the world community and the legal and diplomatic practices to combat the global and domestic surge of anti-semitism.” Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs Selma Botman clarified that Danon will not be teaching “semester long classes.”

“I am honoured and excited to work with colleagues at Yeshiva University,” Danon said. “One of my main objectives will be to strengthen relations between Israel and the rest of the world. Connected to this will be attention to the global fight against anti-semitism.”

During his tenure in the Israeli government, Danon held several positions, including deputy minister of defense (March 2013 - July 2014), minister of science and minister of technology and space (March 2015 - September 2015), and ambassador to the UN (October 2015 - July 2020); Gilad Erdan subsequently replaced Danon at the UN. Currently, Danon is a member of the Likud Party and serves as the chairman of the World Likud. 

“Ambassador Danon exemplifies YU’s core values,” said President Ari Berman. “He is a champion of the Jewish people and his strong leadership will be a role model to our students and community.”

Danon was previously the keynote speaker at YU’s 87th commencement in 2018 and accepted an honorary degree from the university. Last week, he spoke at YU’s virtual 96th Annual Hannnukah Dinner in a session called, “A New Era of Opportunity,” which was moderated by Sen. Joseph Lieberman.  

Students majoring in political science expressed excitement about Danon’s hiring. “Ambassador Danon joining the Political Science department is an amazing opportunity and I am excited to hear about his experiences in the Israeli Knesset,”said Aderet Brenner (SCW ‘21), executive board member of engagement at the Yeshiva University Political Action Club (YUPAC). “I think it is important for there to be professors who have experienced what they are teaching and I think we will all be able to learn a lot from the ambassador.”

“As Israeli Ambassador to the UN, Danny Danon proved himself to be a champion for Israel who could hold his own and stand up for Israel against attacks,” said Alex Friedman (YC ‘22), co-president of the JP Dunner Political Science Society. 

Friedman added, “Stationed in New York at the UN for five years, Ambassador Danon has also become a friend of the Jewish community, and he will continue to foster this relationship as a visiting professor. Students should be lining up to hear from him.”


Photo Caption: Danny Danon has been named a visiting professor in YU’s Political Science Department
Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons