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IBC Rep. Wins Redo Election for Sophomore Rep., Sued in Student Court

Isaac Breuer College (IBC) Rep. Baruch Lerman (YC ‘23) won the do-over election for Yeshiva Student Union (YSU) sophomore representative on Thursday, Oct. 22. YSU President Zachary Greenberg (SSSB ‘21), Sy Syms School of Business President Adam Baron (SSSB ‘21) and Yeshiva College Student Association President Ari Lowy (YC ‘21) petitioned the court that night to contest Lerman holding both positions simultaneously.

In the initial elections for sophomore representative on Sept. 15, Jacob Goldsmith (YC ‘23) was declared the winner, but he was disqualified due to a lack of up-to-date credits to be considered a sophomore. The runner up, Shay Fishman (YC ‘23), was subsequently declared the winner but was deemed ineligible because he was only a sophomore for Fall 2020, becoming a junior in the spring.

106 Wilf Campus sophomores voted in the redo election, and Lerman garnered 35.85% of the total with 38 votes. Goldsmith was the runner-up and received 33.96% of the votes, just two short of Lerman. Shai Rosalimksy (SSSB ‘23) obtained 22.64% of the votes, and write-ins constituted 7.55% of the votes.

 “I put a lot of work into this campaign, along with several other people who have really helped me out a ton and supported me along the way,” Lerman told The Commentator. “I would like to express my gratitude to the sophomores for choosing me to represent them, and to let them know that I am looking forward to giving them the best year ever!”

In addition to his recent win as sophomore representative, Lerman is also the Student Organization of Yeshiva (SOY) IBC representative and was previously a member of the Wilf Canvassing Committee, which oversees Wilf Campus elections. On Sept. 27, Lerman recused himself from the Canvassing Committee in preparation of him announcing his bid to run. 

In their petition to the court, Greenberg, Baron and Lowy argued that although the constitution does not explicitly state that a student cannot hold two positions simultaneously and only forbids running for them at the same time, a student holding two elected positions would inevitably lead to a misuse of power. The three presidents are suing Lerman in Wilf Student Court and are requesting an open trial. Greenberg said that they want Lerman to explain how he can handle his course load and hold two different elected positions simultaneously.

According to Lerman, holding both IBC and sophomore representative positions is not at odds with the Wilf Constitution. He told The Commentator that while he cannot run for two positions at the same time, he could constitutionally hold them both. 

“I am sure that I have in no way violated the constitution and look forward to having that affirmed by the court in the event the case is heard,” Lerman said. “Firstly, before I ran for the position of sophomore representative I made sure I had the approval of the Mashgiach of IBC Rabbi Beny Rofeh to do so. Secondly, the responsibilities I have as representatives have a lot of overlap, and in no way compare to the amount of work or authority a president has.”

Greenberg, Baron and Lowy are three of the five Wilf General Assembly members — the other two being SOY President Akiva Poppers (SSSB ‘22) and Student Life Committee Chair Scott Stimler (YC ‘21).

In a statement sent to The Commentator, Poppers said that he is not part of the lawsuit against Lerman and supports him as the newly-elected sophomore representative.

“If the three members of the General Assembly who signed this lawsuit dislike the clear wording — and/or lack thereof — regarding this matter in the Wilf Constitution,” Poppers said, “I implore all of them to go the proper route and consider proposing an amendment to the Constitution next semester, as doing so this semester would demonstrate a confounding disregard for the wishes of the relevant members of the Student Body — the Sophomores, who elected Baruch.”

Greenberg told The Commentator that while he doesn’t think Lerman should hold both positions, he is excited to welcome him into YSU. “Baruch is the hardest working guy on student council and I am so excited to be working with him again in YSU,” Greenberg said.

Photo Caption: 106 Wilf Campus sophomores voted in the redo election, and Lerman garnered 35.85% of the total with 38 votes.
Photo Credit: Ezra Troy Photography