By: Julius Rosenthal and The Commentator Governing Board of 1941-42  | 

From the Commie Archives (November 13, 1941; Volume 7 Issue 4) — Dov Ber Revel

Editor's Note: In 1940, Rabbi Dr. Bernard Revel, the founding president of Yeshiva University, suddenly passed away leaving a chasm in Yeshiva's leadership.

With the approach of Dr. Revel’s Yahrzeit, the wound of grief and sorrow which we, his disciples, felt when he passed away is once again torn open. All of the pain which that great tragedy brought with it returns in its terrible intensity. 

We miss Dr. Revel. We miss his consuming devotion, his intellectual genius, his wide vision and fatherly love and guidance. The amazing role which he played in all of American Jewish life becomes increasingly apparent with the passing of time. 

Yet despite this loss we go on. We go on because above all our grief is the realization that “The righteous are called living even in death.” And Dr. Bernard Revel is living: living in his accomplishments, living in the building where the very stones and mortar sing his glory praises, but most of all living in the men whom he created. We, his students, go on, staggered by shock and sorrow, but happy in the knowledge that in living Torah-true lived we are holding aloft that flaming torch of the spirit which was the essence of the man — Dov Ber Revel.