By: Chaya-Bracha Walkenfeld  | 

A Tribute to Professor Tufts

Professor Tufts was known, first and foremost, for being a great man. I had Professor Tufts during my first semester in YU and though I had him for only one class, I was privileged to get to know him outside the classroom as well.

Professor Tufts could constantly be found by the third floor couches (on the Beren Campus) in the Syms building, talking to students. He made time to talk to whoever wanted. He chit-chatted with his students and gave advice on just about everything. He also had a great sense of humor and after conversing with him, the students always felt good. I was one of those students who could be found talking to Professor Tufts by the couches which, by the way, he called my office. He took a genuine interest in speaking to me about anything and gave me advice on classes, majors, graduate schools and career choices.

Inside the classroom, he was a great professor. His classes were intellectually stimulating; they kept the entire class engaged and on its toes. He helped to push my creativity to the next level and to come up with out-of-the-box solutions. Before class, he often played music for everyone to enjoy and regaled us with stories.

Professor Tufts truly cared about everyone on an individual level. He would explain that decision making should not be based on averages because most people are not an average. This embodied the way he treated others; he valued each and every person.

I had looked forward to seeing him this year in addition to taking my capstone course with him in the spring and am very sad at this tremendous loss.