By: Shulamis Hes  | 

Hakarat Hatov to SOY Minyan

Dear Editor: 

I commute to YU from Teaneck, and every so often I daven shacharit in the Rubin Beit Midrash, which has a small yet ample women’s section.

One morning during summer break, YU Zmanim listed a minyan in Furst Hall. 

As I exited the elevator, it was apparent that this was an ad hoc minyan and therefore, no mechitzah had been set up. Undeterred, I proceeded to daven in a quiet corner a few feet away.

Not even two minutes had passed when a student approached me, apologizing for the lack of a mechitzah. Another placed a chair outside the minyan classroom and opened the door so I could at least hear the shaliach tzibur, while a third dashed out to schlepp a partition from across the street.

In the end, in this makeshift shul, I sat in the VIP section with clear acoustics and enjoyed a slow-paced, pleasant tefilah!

Thank you all for your kind accommodations and for the kiddush Hashem you perform every day.

Shulamis Hes

Electronic Collections Librarian, Pollack Library


Photo Credit: The Commentator