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The State of the Wilf Laundry

The other day, I unexpectedly got called into the housing office. I was told that two pairs of pants were taken from the Morgenstern (Morg) laundry room the week prior. This information was no surprise to me since I’m well aware that things go missing in laundry rooms all the time, especially in a shared facility. The next part of the conversation took a turn that really shocked me. I was asked if I was the one who took the pants from the Morg laundry room. Astounded by this question, I said “no”. Immediately following my response, I was shown security camera footage of me walking in and out of the laundry room carrying a bag. This checks out, as I did, in fact, do my laundry the previous Thursday night. I assured them that I was not the individual who took the pants, but this incident got me thinking: What is the state of the laundry on the Wilf Campus?

As I’m currently in my third year, I’ve done my laundry at both the Rubin Hall and Morg laundry facilities. Albeit not top of the line machines or the most luxurious rooms, these machines do the trick. Using them couldn’t be easier. The process is extremely simple and almost hassle-free. Although we’re given such an easy system for us to use, the current state of laundry on Wilf is messy. Let me explain.

As you walk into any laundry room, you’re greeted with piles of clothes stacked up on the machines, socks everywhere, empty Tide Pod bags and the occasional Smart Card. Misshapen laundry baskets line the machines and there’s one guy loading his clothes into the dryer. A laundry room should be kept clean by everyone who uses it. The current state of the laundry at Wilf does not channel the same energy.

Over the countless times I’ve done my laundry on the Wilf Campus, I have had quite a few articles of clothing gone missing. Now you could, of course, argue that as the natural cycle of life (and clothes), things go missing from time to time. A sock here, a sock there, maybe a T-Shirt, nothing too exceptional. After sharing my experience with some friends, I was told that larger more considerable clothes have been taken from the facilities. This news came as a shock to me, so I reached out to Jonathan Schwab, Director of Housing and Residence Life on the Wilf Campus, to see what he says about these incidents. “It is upsetting that personal belongings seem to have been taken from a public space. I urge all students to be careful with their belongings and immediately report any incidents like this to Security,” he said.

I knew going in that the YU student body fosters a great amount of respect towards everyone on campus. When I got here, the sentiment stood. The same respect should apply not only to the individual but to their personal belongings as well. The current state of the laundry at Wilf does not adopt this ideology.

Knowing that we are a community of leaders, we should all be on the same page when it comes to laundry, something we all encounter on a monthly basis. In order to get us to to the ideal state of laundry at Wilf, I’d like to offer some tips for when laundry day comes.

Set a timer when you hit start. This allows you to do other things around campus and only come back when it’s done, leaving the machine available for use immediately after you’re done with it. We all know the frustration of going to the laundry room only to find all the machines in use or just sitting after it finishes a cycle and this would be a way to avoid that in addition to having to remove someone else’s stuff from the machines. Having a systematic approach to our laundry routine will lower congestion and have both facilities running at optimal efficiency.

Next, if we as a whole cleaned up after ourselves, we’d have a clean facility for everyone to use and enjoy. Instead of leaving empty detergent bottles on top of the machines, turn around and toss it in the trash.  Be mindful of what you bring in and ensure that you take all your belongings when you leave. Lastly, clean the lint trap. I know it may be gross, but it’s necessary. When they’re left full, the next person’s drying times will be longer. The hot air has to go through this area to cool down the machine and when it struggles to do this from all the buildup, it can even create a fire hazard.

If we all work together, we can create a laundry environment in which everyone can feel comfortable. We, the students who use the facilities, can change the current state of laundry on Wilf.

Photo Caption: The laundry room in Morgenstern Hall

Photo Credit: Benji Snow