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Spring 2019 Beren Campus Undergraduate Student Government Election Results, Redo Election for SCWSC President to Take Place Monday

The Beren Campus student body voted in the Spring 2019 Beren Campus undergraduate student government elections on Thursday, May 2. There were multiple changes made to the composition of the student councils for this election. The positions of Stern College for Women Student Council (SCWSC) Vice President for Programming and Torah Activities Council (TAC) Vice President of Chesed were introduced for the first time, while the SCWSC and TAC Treasurer positions were eliminated. Additionally, the Public Relations Secretary positions for SCWSC and TAC were renamed the Vice President of Public Relations respectively. Listed below are the results of the election.

According to the Canvassing Committee, “due to a lack of clarity in campaign policy, a new election will be administered for SCWSC president this Monday.” As of the time of publication, The Commentator has yet to learn details regarding the referenced policies.

Stern College for Women Student Council (SCWSC)

SCWSC President: To Be Determined
SCWSC Vice President of Academic Affairs: Shira Schneider
SCWSC Vice President of Clubs: Elka Wiesenberg
SCWSC Vice President of Programming: Chaya Green
SCWSC Vice President of Public Relations: Melissa Goldstein

Sy Syms School of Business Student Council (SYMSSC)

SYMSSC President: Miriam Schloss
SYMSSC Vice President: Shaiel Soleimani

Torah Activities Council (TAC)

TAC President: Bella Adler
TAC Vice President of Chessed: Atara Levine
TAC Vice President of Shabbat: Ariella Etshalom
TAC Vice President of Speakers: Orit Reiter
TAC Vice President for Public Relations: Nina Siegel

Class Boards

Senior Class President: Elianna Sharvit
Senior Class Vice President: Yael Feder

Junior Class President: Tehila Azar
Junior Class Vice President: Nechama Levie

Sophomore Class President: Sarah Serfaty
Sophomore Class Vice President: Alex Volchek

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