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From the Sy Syms President’s Desk: Looking Backward and Forward

As we are completing another successful year of college, it is important to reflect and celebrate all of our accomplishments. As students of the Sy Syms School of Business, we have much to be proud of and a lot to look forward to.

Our clubs have hosted many engaging and incredible events on campus this year, and it was such a pleasure coordinating with all of our club-heads to produce educational and exciting events throughout the year. Business professionals, executives and even sports players have come to speak to our students this year, in order to expose them to different areas within the business world. I could not thank all of our club-heads enough, who have worked tirelessly on behalf of the student body.

The Sy Syms administration has constantly worked to enhance our school and incorporate new and exciting programs into our curriculum. This year, Dr. Maria Blekher started the first Innovation Lab at Yeshiva University. The YU Innovation Lab incorporates Israeli and local start-ups and allows students to gain hands-on experience with new companies. Additionally, the YU Innovation Lab helps foster our special relationship with Israel, while staying true to the values and core beliefs of the Sy Syms School of Business and Yeshiva University as a whole.

A recent addition to the Sy Syms School of Business is Dr. Noam Wasserman, who has been appointed dean, starting in May. I urge you all to introduce yourselves and get to know him. As we welcome Dr. Wasserman to our school, it is also important to thank Dean Michael Strauss, who has acted as the interim dean for the past several years, for all of his hard work and loyalty to our school. Dean Strauss has been a friend and mentor to many students and his leadership is, and always will be, much appreciated.

As part of the Sy Syms School of Business community we have so much to celebrate and be grateful for, so I invite you all to join me at the Sy Syms School of Business Annual Awards Gala Dinner on May 12. We will be celebrating all of the exciting endeavors and successes of our business school, while also honoring students and faculty. I am proud to announce that Professors Robert Greenberg and Francine Mellors-Rothenstein will be receiving Professor of the Year and Adjunct of the Year awards, respectively. I encourage everyone to join me in honoring these incredible professors, along with the student awardees. It will be an evening to remember filled with wonderful company and amazing food. I look forward to seeing you there and celebrating the Sy Syms School of Business with all of you.


Brandon Emalfarb

President, Sy Syms School of Business Student Council


Photo Caption: Sy Syms School of Business Student Council Logo

Photo Credit: Yeshiva University