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Who is Running for President on the Beren Campus?

Traditionally, student council presidential candidates introduce themselves to the electorate in The Commentator at the beginning of the campaigning period. Below, each contender writes about her background and the goals she has for her desired position.

The introductions are arranged by council first (SCWSC, SSSC, TAC) and alphabetically second.

Elections will take place this Thursday, May 2; remember to vote!


Stern College for Women Student Council (SCWSC)


Hi! My name is Shanee Markovitz and I am running for SCWSC President. I was born in Eilat, and grew up in South Florida: your two vacation spots. Having served as the Co-President of YUPAC and Mock Trial, I am already extremely invested in YU and hope to bring my experience to Student Council in order to facilitate growth, a new perspective and true representation of the student body.

In addition to continuing and enhancing events we love, my platform is simple. I will work on communication, pathways and relationships (CPR) if you give me the honor of serving as your president.

Communication: open forums/meetings with SCWSC; biannual club head chills; campus-wide surveys presented to the administration; one-on-one meeting times with students who want to be heard. Pathways: more diversity in events; workshops for new clubs; implement new Student Court; support for class presidents and vice presidents. Relationships: outreach to the broader community to bring people together; facilitate connections between experienced club heads and new ones; represent YU outside of these four walls; support trips that lead students to explore new locations and ideas.

It is extremely important to me that anyone who wants to share their ideas can; please reach out to me to discuss anything! If there is one promise I can make, it is that I will amplify the many voices of our incredibly unique student body. I will get things done. So come May 2, vote Shanee!



Hi everyone! My name is Talya Saban and I am running for SCWSC President! I was born and raised in Toronto, where I spent four wonderful years at Ulpana Orot and after graduating, I moved on to another incredible year at Midreshet Harova.

I came to Stern two years ago with little knowledge of what Stern truly had to offer me and once I finally was settled, I realized how many opportunities I had here. Being the VP of Academic Affairs on SCWSC this past year has really opened my eyes to the growth possible on our campus and if re-elected as President for this upcoming school year I would like to continue to build on the already established knowledge I was able to gain this past year.

Being on SCWSC is truly a privilege and not one I take for granted and I hope, if re-elected, I will get an opportunity to show Stern the many things that can be accomplished with continuity in their candidates.

Hope to be able to be around for another year!


Sy Syms School of Business Student Council (SSSBSC)


Hi all — I’m Miriam Schloss and I’m running for President of Syms Student Council. I went to Ma’ayanot for high school and then spent a year in Migdal Oz.

Since starting in Syms, I have had the opportunity to be involved in various clubs on campus (the Data Analytics Club, So You Think Stern Can Dance, Music Vs and more). I am grateful to have found a community of peers through each of them. My goal for next year is to strengthen the sense of community among the women of Syms. There are so few of us — and it’s our loss when so many of us don’t know each other. Throughout next year, I hope to find solutions to your complaints, advocate on your behalf and create a positive experience for everyone on campus.

We have the opportunity to create a culture of connectedness in the coming year. It will take all of us to create the community we deserve, and I want to help us get there.




[Insert your vision for religious programming on campus here] and that is my vision for the 2019-2020 academic school year. Because my goal as TAC president is not to push forth my own agenda, but to create pathways, tunnels, access points and distribute funding for all varieties of Jewish programming on campus

Serving last year as the VP of Shabbat Programming on TAC, I was exposed to a beautiful spectrum of communities that exist on our campus. I want to dedicate my final year at Stern College to empowering those communities to thrive. Being a member of TAC last year allowed me to learn the ropes of the organization so that I can be the best advocate for social change this year. Whether you feel at home in the Beis, in Brookdale, in the science labs or exploring NYC, know that the upcoming Torah Activities Council will be here to create Torah programming geared towards you. We will plan and facilitate scholarly speakers, social events, geshmak chagiga dancing, continued powerful Shabbat programming and a variety of unique and inspiring opportunities that bring ruchniut (spirituality) to our daily college-life experiences.

My name is Bella Adler, I’m from St. Louis, Missouri, and I want you to reach out to me (or any TAC member) with your ideas and concerns. Let’s talk.


Photo Caption: From left to right: Talya Saban (SCWSC), Bella Adler (TAC), Shanee Markovitz (SCWSC) and Miriam Schloss (SSSBSC)
Photo Credit: Compiled by Shira Levitt for The Commentator