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Spring 2019 Wilf Campus Undergraduate Student Government Election Results

The Wilf Campus student body voted in the Spring 2019 Wilf Campus undergraduate student government elections, on Wednesday, April 17. The Canvassing Committee, which oversees student government elections, has shared the results of the election with The Commentator. In total, 586 out of 1033 Wilf Campus students voted, or 56.7 percent of eligible voters. Listed below are the results of the election, followed by per-candidate vote totals.

Student Organization of Yeshiva (SOY)

SOY President: Yoni Broth
SOY Vice President: Hudi Rosenfeld
SOY PR Secretary: Ari Brandspeigel
SOY MYP Representative: Zev Jarashow
SOY BMP Representative: Jacob Shiner
SOY IBC Representative: David Shifteh
SOY JSS Representative: Jacobo Bassan

Sy Syms School of Business Student Council (SSSBSC)

SSSBSC President: Chayim Mahgerefteh
SSSBSC Vice President: Austin Marshak
SSSBSC Secretary/Treasurer: Joey Aron

Yeshiva College Student Association (YCSA)

YCSA President: Leib Wiener
YCSA Vice President: CJ Glicksman
YCSA Secretary/Treasurer: Albert Dweck

Yeshiva Student Union (YSU)

YSU President: Ariel Sacknovitz
YSU Vice President of Clubs: Zachary Greenberg
YSU Senior Class Representative: Zev Hirt
YSU Junior Class Representative: Benjamin Wade

The Canvassing Committee released the breakdown of each race, which is summarized below. In races in which candidates officially appeared on the ballot, all of the candidates and their vote tallies are listed below; for positions where the victor was a write-in candidate or was running unopposed, only the winning candidate is listed:

SOY President
Yoni Broth - 220
Yonatan Sonnenschein - 196
Jake Stern - 149

SOY Vice President
Hudi Rosenfeld - 207
Zach Lent - 186
Joshua Leichter - 70
Yehudah Rosenberg - 68

SOY PR Secretary
Ari Brandspeigel (Write-in) - 56

SOY MYP Representative
Zev Jarashow - 143
Yitzchak Kaminetzky - 121
Larry (Leor) Levenson - 48

SOY BMP Representative
Jacob Shiner - 93

SOY IBC Representative
David Shifteh - 94

SOY JSS Representative
Jacobo Bassan - 27

SSSBSC President
Chayim Mahgerefteh - 141
Daniel Elias - 108

SSSBSC Vice President
Austin Marshak - 157
Roger Adelson - 125

SSSBSC Secretary/Treasurer
Joey Aron - 242

YCSA President
Leib Wiener (Write-in) - 89

YCSA Vice President
CJ Glicksman (Write-in) - 48

YCSA Secretary/Treasurer
Albert Dweck - 228

YSU President
Ariel Sacknovitz - 466

YSU Vice President of Clubs
Zachary Greenberg - 526

YSU Senior Class Representative
Zev Hirt - 259
Benji Snow - 120

YSU Junior Class Representative
Benjamin Wade - 126