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Here’s Who’s Running for Student Council President

Traditionally, student council presidential candidates introduce themselves to the electorate in The Commentator at the beginning of the campaigning period. Below, each contender writes about his background and the goals he has for his desired position.

The introductions are arranged by council first (YSU, SOY, YCSA, SYMSSC) and alphabetically second.

Elections will take place this Wednesday, April 17.


Yeshiva Student Union (YSU)


Hi! My name is Ariel Sacknovitz and I am the sole candidate for YSU President. My goal as president will be to listen to student voices and to give students the opportunity to become involved in and better YU so that it can be the best school for all of us. I also want to create a strong feeling of YU pride. I feel that one of the biggest problems that YU faces is the lack of connection that students feel to the YU institution. I would like to develop and facilitate new programming and a new atmosphere so that every student wants to share their connection to YU for years to come.


Student Organization of Yeshiva (SOY)


Hi guys! My name is Yoni Broth, and I am running for SOY president. I grew up in the community of Silver Spring, MD and am currently in the Sy Syms School of Business, with the hope of double majoring in BIMA and Management.

As someone who is a baller, an academic, a shtick master and, to quote my Rebbi Rav Rosensweig, a “young talmid chacham,” I believe that I can represent all of our communities and provide us students with the leadership necessary for everyone to enjoy their college experience. With the hopes of making more SOY FREE Shabboses, adding a coffee room, getting tissues in the buildings and creating individual programs for all four morning programs, I believe that I will make a great SOY president!

If you have any ideas on how to create special programs for your group in YU, I’d love to hear them and add them to the list of things that I have in mind already.



My name is Yoni Sonnenschein, but I think most people in YU know me as Sonny. I came to YU after learning for two years in Yeshivat Sha’alvim. I am currently an upper junior learning in Rabbi Sobolofsky’s shiur in MYP and studying management.

YU is an unbelievable place that offers so many diverse opportunities to religiously grow. I appreciate all that YU has done for me, and really want to put in the hishtadlus into facilitating the best possible yeshiva experience. My goals are to create opportunities in which individuals can grow, build a warm yeshiva environment for everyone and be a person people feel can always give suggestions. I want to share some of my more specific goals. I stay in at least three Shabbosim a month, and have noticed that themed Shabbosim in which individual topics are addressed have the most impact. Creating vaadim given by kollel guys and professionals that help prepare bnei yeshiva for when they leave YU is also something I would like to see. I also would like to bring back events like the Chanukah concert and the cholent cook-off, as well as enhance events like the chagigas and the Purim shpiel. These are just a few of many ideas in ways to better our yeshiva.

The question is what makes me special? I have always been a person dedicated to the klal. I am also outgoing, and interact with many students in our yeshiva. I have the drive and passion that I always do something 110 percent.



Hi! My name is Jake Stern, and I am running for president of SOY. I am from Highland Park/Edison, NJ and went to JEC for high school and then KBY for two years. Over the course of my life as a whole, and specifically my time at YU, I have been exposed to many kinds of Jews. My goal if elected would be to cater to the many kinds of Jews across our campus, while maintaining a sense of warmth and community.

I think that more diverse programming is required for a diverse student population, even just as far scheduling goes. Some people are morning birds and others are night owls. Some student have labs at night, and others are representing us through sports teams. Setting up venues and opportunities for all students to engage in more Torah study will be my first priority.

On the more wordly side of things, there are also changes I would like to make. One big example that I will try to find a way to provide coffee available for all those who engaging in Torah learning in our great institution. Whether they learn in Glueck or Zysman; whether they are in BMP, IBC, JSS or MYP.

I am always available and open to suggestions. Let’s work together and “Bring (Jake) Stern to Wilf.”


Yeshiva College Student Association (YCSA)

No candidates have officially signed up to be on the ballot. Write-in votes are permitted on election day.


Sy Syms Student Council – Men (SYMSSC)


Hi everybody! My name is Daniel Elias, and I am running for president of Sy Syms. I was born and raised in Los Angeles and went to YULA Boys HS. After an impactful year and half at Yeshivat Hakotel, I came to YU, where I am majoring in Finance. As president, my priority will be to make the students feel represented to the administration and rest of the student body. I wholeheartedly love YU, and I promise to give this position my time and commitment so that Syms will be better off for the students by the time I am done. Thank you, and #VOTELIAS.



Hello. My name is Chayim Mahgerefteh and I’m running for Syms president because I want to continue serving in the Syms Student Council and help make a difference. My service as Syms treasurer this year has given me the experience and knowledge it takes to lead this amazing student body as president. You may be wondering what my role as Syms Treasurer consists of.

For starters, I had monthly meetings with the Office of Student Life discussing the Syms budget and the causes for expenses in order to know how to strategically plan events for the rest of the year. I have also been working with my fellow council members on organizing the annual Syms Dinner which is on May 12 (and everyone is encouraged to sign up).

If I’m given the opportunity to become Syms president, I promise to be your voice and do what will be best for the student body. Yeshiva University is an amazing institution, and I would be tremendously honored to be the president of the Syms Student Council.


Photo Caption: Clockwise from top-left: Daniel Elias, Jake Stern, Yoni Broth, Yoni Sonnenschein, Ariel Sacknovitz and Chayim Mahgerefteh
Photo Credit: Compiled by Shira Levitt for The Commentator