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Recent Grads Minyan at Mt. Sinai Seeks to Establish Young Professionals Community

The “Recent Grads Minyan” (RGM) is a new minyan that has been established for recent college graduates and young professionals in Washington Heights. The minyan met for the first time in the downstairs gym of the Mt. Sinai Jewish Center with over 200 attendees on Shabbat, Feb. 23.

The RGM was founded by YU alumni Dovid Simpser (SSSB ‘18), Yael (Nissanoff) Simpser (SCW ‘18), Ilana Schiff (SSSB ‘17), Noam Safier (YC ‘17), Jake Schrier (YC ‘18) and University of Maryland alumnus Yosef Frenkel.

The organizers explained that they wanted to create a warm, centralized community for the recent graduate and young professional demographic in Washington Heights. “Our goal is to create a social and religious outlet that allows recent grads and young professionals to join together in a beautiful Shabbat davening, which will permeate into other religious and social events that bind us together as a welcoming, vibrant, cohesive and strong community at Mount Sinai,” the founding members told The Commentator.

After their vision was formulated, they approached the leaders of Mt. Sinai, “who were more than happy to work with us to make this vision a reality,” they stated. The organizers expressed their appreciation towards the Mt. Sinai board and Yehuda Krupka, the President of Mt. Sinai, for successfully creating the minyan.

“This past Shabbos united people of varying schedules, professions and interests from every corner of the Heights. The new Recent Graduate Minyan is full of people whose enthusiasm and passion extends beyond the dairy kiddush of donuts and iced coffee”, remarked Mira Shere (‘SCW 19). In some recent weeks, the kiddush after davening has even featured meat.

David Yedlin (Syms ‘17) expressed his thanks to the founders and explained that they have “not only created that community feel with the minyan, but the davening itself boasts great chazanim and an emphasis on no talking during prayers to create an inspiring davening!”

One can learn more about the minyan by joining the Facebook group “Mt. Sinai Jewish Center Recent Grad Minyan (RGM).”

Photo Caption: The minyan set up for davening at Mt. Sinai Jewish Center
Photo Credit: RGM at Mt. Sinai