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Beren Spirit Week Brings Joy to Students

Just as the Beren Campus’ halls and classrooms were filling up with excitement from the start of Adar, the Torah Activities Council (TAC), Stern College for Women Student Council (SCWSC) and SYMS Student Council decided to increase that palpable joy with Beren Spirit Week. With themes of gratitude and entertainment sprinkled throughout, the Beren Spirit Week proved itself to be an uplifting and exciting way to create a community on campus.

Beren Spirit Week began on Feb. 18 with free hot chocolate in the lobby of 245, which undoubtedly warmed up each and every student. The theme for that day was the appreciation of student employees wherein pictures of dozens of student employees were hung up in the center of the 245 lobby next to the hot chocolate. There were pens hanging down next to each person’s picture, name and job description wherein students and teachers alike had the ability to write why they appreciated those pictured. Many passersby announced that this was a phenomenal way to create a feeling of gratitude amongst the peers.

On Tuesday, there were free hamantaschens in the lobby of 245 in the spirit of Adar, and an appreciation board for the facilities staff and security guards. This particular appreciation board truly created an awareness amongst the students for those who keep the Beren Campus running.

The highlight of this day, however, was the first ever talent show run by SCWSC’s student council. There was an overflowing room of 150-200 students supporting their friends’ performances and genuinely having an enjoyable night. There were acts such as ballroom dancing, martial arts, singing the alphabet backward, piano compositions and more. There were three prizes being offered and a tie for third at the end of the show. The first place prize of $150 went to Talia Kupferman for a Broadway song performance; the second place prize of $75 went to Gabrielah Baruch for a singing performance; and the tie for third place of $50 went to Nicole Rothenberg and Eliana Moss for synchronized swimming, and to Rebecca Robin for an opera performance.

Throughout the night, there was trivia for swag and amazing remarks by judges. Many students mentioned that while they were planning on leaving after their friends’ acts, they were having such an enjoyable time that they stayed until the end of the show. Chana Waintraub, a current sophomore at Stern, said that “the talent show was such a positive and fun way to showcase the talent that our peers have. This event was the first time I felt a true sense of community on campus.”

After a remarkable talent show, student council left with hopes for a bigger and better one for the upcoming year due to the enthusiastic and supportive atmosphere it created on campus in honor of Spirit Week.

In continuation of this week, everybody was encouraged to wear white and blue on Wednesday to send our spirit straight to our Jewish home. The Counseling Center was also handing out cupcakes in the lobby of 245 to sweeten up everybody’s day. Photos of faculty of the Beren Campus hung high on the Appreciation Board. Later that night, there was a delicious sushi making event filled with fresh ingredients and amazing music, putting everyone in a good mood and leaving them satisfied with tasty food.

On the last day of Spirit Week, an ice cream truck drove on over for everyone who was wearing YU swag, including the bracelets that were being given out in the lobby of 245. There were lines down the block for the fantastic flavors that Cones Ice Cream had to offer! Students representing the school with YU swag had the chance to enter a contest for a $40 gift card for Amazon by posting a picture of themselves in their swag and tagging the Office of Student Life. The athletes and international students were hung on the Appreciation Board for this last day in honor of all of the amazing culture and talent they bring to campus.

Throughout the week, there was a picture challenge online for #YUgotspirit. Each participant had to post a tagged picture and comment why they were proud to be a part of Yeshiva University for their chance to win AirPods, a Target gift card or a Dunkin’ Donuts gift card. The winners are yet to be announced, extending that excitement of Spirit Week into the oncoming ones.

Noa Eliach, a current junior at Stern, commented that “specifically with the social media campaign, it really felt nice to see people’s pride to be a part of this university, and how that pride continued to spread throughout media to inspire others to feel a part of the broader YU community.”

Every single aspect of Spirit Week, down to the bracelets and as big as the talent show, generated a feeling of connection from one student to another, and created an atmosphere of excitement and community that was unforgettable. Students are already looking forward to the next Spirit Week on Beren Campus!


Photo Caption: SCWSC President Shoshana Marder and VP of Clubs Racheli Moskowitz preparing for Beren Spirit Week.

Photo Credit: Stern College for Women Student Council (SCWSC)