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Coed Shabbaton and Daas Torah - Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

First of all, there needs to be more kavod hatorah shown to Rabbi Shulman, who is a world class talmid chacham. Even if you disagree with his approach, to print disparaging comments, as was done in the recent article that was published online on Feb. 13, is against what Torah stands for. Now to the issue: When an event like this is planned, there has to be rabbinic oversight; sit down with a rosh yeshiva and ask how can we make such an event agreeable. Define the purpose and the goals, and then plan and advertise the event. To have a coed Shabbaton at YU without asking the shaylah is wrong. To the people reading this article: be careful about what you say about a talmid chacham.

Rabbi (Rodney) Elisha Weiss (YC ‘90, RIETS ‘97)