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Veteran YU Employees Honored

As part of an annual tradition, several Yeshiva University faculty members were honored for their years of service on Nov. 28. Honorees were chosen if they were in a year of employment that was an increment of 5. In total, 70 employees were honored for their commitment and dedication to YU. “Each of you is essential to the University’s growth and prosperity, and I thank you all for that,” President Berman stated at the event.

Celebrating 10 years at YU, Rabbi Yosef Kalinsky, Associate Dean of Undergraduate Torah Studies, remarked, “My favorite part of working at YU is the ability to work with wonderful colleagues and to collaborate across many different departments on a daily basis. The more we work together, the more we able to take a holistic approach to our students in order to better serve them.” Offering words of advice to his fellow colleagues, Rabbi Kalinsky hopes that they “take every opportunity to work beyond your specific department and to branch out to see where you can assist others in our collective work together for the university.”

Jacob Herman, a chemistry laboratory technician who has worked at YU for 35 years, was another employee honored at the event. Mr. Herman expressed his gratitude towards the University. “As I mentioned in my speech on employee appreciation day, the university put me up in one of the dormitories during Hurricane Sandy for several weeks. I’m not sure if this would have happened someplace else,” he stated. Additionally, when asked what YU means to him beyond a place to work, Mr. Herman said, “YU is a place where people work with and care about each other.”

Five employees celebrated tenures of 40 years or more at the event. Edith Lubetski, head librarian of the Heidi Steinberg Library celebrated her 55th anniversary and told The Commentator, “I look forward to the growth of YU, to the recognition far and wide of its value and mission.”

As the longest tenured employee honored at the event, Lubetski commented that while “YU has grown considerably in the last 55 years … some things do not change. We’re a mission-driven institution and so many who work at Yeshiva equally share its mission and vision for the future.”


Photo Caption: YU Faculty that were honored at the event  

Photo Credit: YU News