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Future of Paprika Restaurant Uncertain

This past week, Paprika restaurant put up a “for sale” sign on their front window. Paprika is an Israeli-style restaurant located next door to Brookdale Residence Hall on the Beren Campus and is one of the many restaurants on the student meal plan.

David Zaken, Paprika’s owner, expressed his uncertainty over the future of the restaurant in an email to The Commentator. “We might sell and move or we might find an investor and stay. It’s been the first year for this restaurant and it’s not easy to run,” he wrote. YU Dining Services Director Sam Chasan, explained that Paprika has not informed the University of any changes, and Dining Services is awaiting future updates.

This past spring, YU had some questionable problems with Paprika in regards to overcharging students. Four Beren Students reported being overcharged between the months of January and March. This resulted in Paprika being taken off of the student meal plan for about a week. When Paprika was approached, they promised to be more careful with payments in the future, and the restaurant was restored to the OMNI program. In addition, Chasan advised students to keep track of payments through the YU One Card website.

News of Paprika’s potential closure unsettled students. “I could not believe that they were about to close the only restaurant that reminds me of my mom’s food,” said Anaelle Ezekie (SCW ‘21). “I was in total shock.”

Talia Kupferman (SCW ‘20) added that she was very confused and disappointed by the sign. “I spend most of my restaurant money at Paprika because their food is so fresh and good,” she said. “It’s a huge sign that is somewhat in your face, kind of screaming ‘help us.’”

Photo Caption: A ‘For Sale’ Sign Displayed in the Window of Paprika
Photo Credit: Shoshi Ginsburg - Stern College: In the Know