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Career Center Implements Changes to Better Serve Students

The Career Center has added a variety of new additions to benefit the students on both the Wilf and Beren Campuses. Previously, the two campuses each had their own respective staffs, but now the two departments are much more fluid by having the staff rotate between the two campuses.

Additionally, this semester, the Career Center introduced numerous new programs for students. One initiative is called “Work Stream Project,” which is an assemblance of alumni within ten different fields who serve as mentors for students by helping review the student’s resume or having an informational phone call. Another program called “TechUcation” is geared for students interested in careers within computer science and technology. The program kicked off with an event with a prominent keynote speaker, followed by two educational panels intended to provide information on how to best prepare for the competitive recruiting process within this sector of the industry.

Large-scale events, such as TechUcation, are intended to help prepare students who are new on campus to better compete for job positioning within a variety of industries. “The event gave students an insider’s look into how the computer science interview process works,” Elisha Rosensweig (YC ‘21) said. “They told us ways to distinguish ourselves by focusing on leadership qualities and that things like GPA are not necessarily the most important feature that a company is looking for.” The inspiration for the event came from student feedback after last year’s seminar “What is Wall Street… Other Than Investment Banking,” which asked for more large-scale events for other industries as well. There are now post-event surveys for all students and professionals attending to discuss their opinions about the event in order to help advance and create future programs.

Other updates within the Career Center itself include a new partnership with the Office of Alumni Affairs with the aim of building relationships and creating programs for students that involve alumni. “The formalized partnership with Alumni Affairs brings the added value of gaining career advice from those working in industry and committed to giving back and supporting the professional development of future generations of YU students,” Susan Bauer, Executive Director of the Career Center, explained. “This creates a pipeline of continual giving back as each student graduates and enters into the alumni community.”

The Wilf Career Center has also switched offices from the fourth to the fifth floor of Furst Hall. The new office is much more spacious than the previous one. “An opportunity presented itself for the Career Center to move from an older space to something new and renovated, aligning with our new philosophies and initiatives, and I seized it,” Bauer said. “Our new space is welcoming and visibly appealing to both students and the alumni and employers we engage with.”

Several new staff members were also hired this academic year, including Assistant Directors Matthew Garcia and Daniel Coleman, as well as new Associate Director of Employer Relations and Alumni Programs Marina Mazina and Employer Relations Specialist Hannah Zucker. Director of Employer and Alumni Relations Todd Lotcpeich was also hired. The Career Center is also seeking a Director of Career Coaching and Technology to move the group into a new and innovative direction. “I hired smart people from a diverse range of backgrounds who I knew  would serve both our students and our mission,” Bauer remarked. “Collectively, the Center now has the ability to serve all students effectively and not just undergraduate students. The new staff members are instrumental in making all the new and exciting changes possible.”

“YU’s Career Center and alumni network have been invaluable. They helped me secure my Goldman Sachs internship which led to a full time offer,” said Isaac Shulman (YC ‘17).

Photo Caption: Executive Director Susan Bauer 
Photo Credit: Yeshiva University