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Wilf Student Court Deems YCSA Secretary/Treasurer Election Winner Ineligible for Office

In a summary judgment issued on Thursday, Nov. 8, the Wilf Campus Student Court ruled that Moshe Nissanoff, the winner of the YCSA Secretary/Treasurer election, is ineligible for the position because Nissanoff is a sophomore and the Wilf Campus Student Government Constitution states the position must be filled by a junior or senior. The position will remain unfilled until the Spring 2019 elections.

The opinion the court was delivered by Benjamin Strachman and was joined by Benjamin Atwood, Samuel Gelman and Daniel Yellin. Dovid Schwartz, the Chief Justice of the Student Court, filed a dissenting opinion arguing that the results of the election should be sustained.

After the Fall 2018 Wilf Student Government elections were held on Oct. 17, Yeshiva Student Union (YSU) and Yeshiva College Student Association (YCSA) filed a petition against the Canvassing Committee, the board of students responsible for conducting the elections, requesting the court remove Nissanoff from his position due to his apparent ineligibility.

Nissanoff was originally approved for candidacy after the Canvassing Committee confirmed with the Office of Student Life that all of the candidates that were running for positions were in the appropriate class, college or Undergraduate Torah Studies track.

The full summary judgment can be read by clicking here.