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Koslowe to Edit Newspaper, Ciment Named Managing Editor

On April 16, the Editorial Board of The Commentator announced Benjamin Koslowe (YC ‘19) as the new Editor-in-Chief, and Shoshy Ciment (SCW ‘19) as the Managing Editor, replacing Avi Strauss (YC ‘18) and David Rubinstein (YC ‘18), respectively, for the 2018-2019 academic year.

Koslowe, who is pursuing a double major in mathematics and philosophy, has been writing for the paper for three years, including several news articles whose readership numbered in the tens of thousands. He joined the staff of The Commentator in Spring 2016 as a Junior Features Editor, before moving up to Senior Opinions Editor in Fall 2017. He is the third Editor-in-Chief of The Commentator in his family, following his grandfather Neil Koslowe (YC ‘66) and great-uncle Mark Koslowe (YC ‘73); additionally, he is the sixth in his family on the staff altogether, following his great-uncle Kenneth Koslowe (YC ‘69), who was a Sports Editor, his father, Jamin Koslowe (YC ‘93), who was a News Editor, and cousin Jason Koslowe (YC ‘04), who was a Senior Editor. He is also a tutor in the Wilf Campus Writing Center.

“I see Benjamin taking The Commentator to amazing places,” remarked Ciment. “He is unbelievably devoted to this paper and has great ideas about how to make it even better.”

Ciment, a journalism major, joined the staff of The Commentator in Spring 2017 as Junior News Editor, moving up to Senior News Editor in Fall 2017. She will be the first female Managing Editor in the history of the paper since its creation in 1935. She is a tutor in the Beren Campus Writing Center and has contributed articles to The New York Times, The Huffington Post, The Jewish Press, and other publications. Additionally, she has served as a reporter for Our Town, a local paper covering the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Over the summer, she will be covering theater-related news in an internship for Playbill.

“Shoshy this year led the helm of one of our most prolific and effective News sections in this newspaper’s history,” stated Koslowe. “Her aptitude and commitment will make my job that much easier, and our reporting that much more successful.”

Other members of the editorial staff shared their support for the decision. “I’m thrilled by the recent appointments of Benjamin as Editor-in-Chief and Shoshy as Managing Editor,” stated Junior Opinions Editor Sam Gelman (YC ‘19). “Benjamin has been a great mentor to me throughout my years at The Commentator, and Shoshy did an unbelievable job with the News section. The two are great leaders and I have no doubt that they will continue to uphold The Commentator’s good name.” Junior Features Editor Lilly Gelman (SCW ‘19) added, “Working with Benjamin and Shoshy thus far has been an incredible experience. They are both extremely talented and dedicated to their work yielding great content which I am sure will continue under their leadership.”

Members of the 2018-2019 board will also include Yossi Zimilover (SSSB ‘20) as Senior News Editor, Sam Gelman (YC ‘19) as Senior Features Editor, Lilly Gelman (SCW ‘19) as Senior Opinions Editor, Akiva Frishman (YC ‘19) as Senior Business Editor, and Avi Hirsch (YC ‘20) as Senior Layout Editor. Additionally, the Gelman siblings will continue spearheading Top Comments, the official podcast of The Commentator that they created and ran this year.

Describing his thoughts for the future, Koslowe said, “I am very excited and have high hopes for next year. Our board of talented, dedicated, fearless editors—as well as scores of undergraduate writers—makes me confident that we will excel in bearing the very humbling and awesome responsibility that The Commentator demands.”