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Beren Campus Undergraduate Student Government Election Results

On May 3, the Beren Campus student body voted in the Spring 2018 Beren Campus undergraduate student government elections. The following are the results of the election:

SCWSC President: Shoshana Marder
SCWSC Vice President of Academic Affairs: Talya Saban
SCWSC Vice President of Clubs: Racheli Moskowitz
SCWSC PR Secretary: Abby Stiefel
SCWSC Treasurer: Pending a review of all write-in canditates

SYMSSC President: Shirel Swissa
SYMSSC Vice President: Anat Jacobson

TAC President: Adina Cohen
TAC Vice President of Shabbat: Bella Adler
TAC Vice President of Speakers: Yael Blau
TAC PR Secretary: Tamar Schwartz
TAC Treasurer: Avital (Tali) Greenberg

Senior Class President: Kyra Englander
Senior Class Vice President: Devorah Meisels

Junior Class President: Chaya Green
Junior Class Vice President: Chaya Cohen

Sophomore Class President: Shani Kahan


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