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From the Sy Syms President’s Desk: Celebrating Syms at 30

In 1987, Yeshiva University opened its doors to its newest endeavor, The Sy Syms School of Business.

Today, in 2018, Sy Syms has grown from its first graduating class of just two students to this years graduating class of approximately three hundred students. The program has grown to include five majors, with many individuals working to further what we have within our programs and what we could possibly see in the near future. We have 18 active clubs, educating students through real-life experiences and connections in the inner workings of the business world in New York City.

As a business school surrounded by the business of Midtown Manhattan, Sy Syms is both challenged and improved by the fast-paced business world of New York City. Although we are one of the smaller schools amongst the plethora of business schools in the area, Sy Syms has truly set their mark in the business world. We use every ounce of New York City as our classroom. Whether it be our Hospitality Management Club visiting top hotels in the city or our very own Sy Syms professors sharing with us their real-life experiences that go on outside of the classroom, we are able to grasp onto so many opportunities that are laid right before us.

Within the short time span in which the Sy Syms School of Business grew to become the successful institution we have today, we are able to clearly differentiate it from other prominent business schools. More important than our growth and successes, however, are the values and ideals that drove us along the way. You see the true essence of Torah U’Madda when you are sitting in your Business Law class and your professor, who has Semicha, makes an active effort to intertwine the learning of secular business law with the halachot we have for conducting business. We learn from Sy Syms that it’s not just enough to sit in the classroom, it’s about going above and beyond what is expected of you in the business world and leaving the mark of a Sy Syms student wherever you go.

Over the last thirty years, Sy Syms has pushed itself as an institution to set and meet goals and constantly see growth. In a fast-paced community and location, it’s beyond impressive that we never fall behind. With hard work and guidance, our students are placed in top firms and set such a great Kiddush Hashem for all those around them. Those who choose to work for mid-sized companies are sometimes the first exposure their secular workforce has to Jews and are the ones who give us such a great reputation.

This year’s Sy Syms Annual Award Dinner, taking place on Wednesday, May 2nd, 2018, will be celebrating the last 30 years of Sy Syms. It will be an evening that will focus on the values and commitment of those who have brought us here today and continue to give us opportunities and tools to help carry our successes into the future. Join us in celebrating the past, honoring our present, and looking forward to what is to come.

Tickets for the Sy Syms Annual Award Dinner will go on sale on Monday, April 16th.