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Students to Head to New Rochelle for Off Campus Shabbaton

Yeshiva University’s undergraduate colleges will be joining forces for an off-campus shabbaton on the weekend of April 20 in New Rochelle, New York. The shabbaton, titled “New-Ro Shabbat,” is the first off-campus shabbaton in at least four years.

Sponsored by the Stern College For Women Student Council and the Yeshiva Student Union, the shabbaton will be hosted at the Young Israel of New Rochelle. The entire cost for students for the shabbaton, which includes meals and transportation, is $15.

The student councils decided to try out this new type of shabbaton in order to offer some new opportunities for students on both campuses, said YSU president Zach Sterman. “We figured it might be different and exciting to take things off campus, to explore a great Orthodox community here in NY,” he said. Shabbatons with Wilf and Beren students only occur on the Beren campus, so the student leaders tried to explore new possibilities beyond the typical Beren campus shabbatons.

“We are very excited that our Shul is hosting the shabbaton,” remarked Rabbi Reuven Fink, the Rabbi of the Young Israel of New Rochelle since 1981. “We hope that the college students will enjoy the social and educational opportunities available to them.” Fink, who teaches at Yeshiva University, also mentioned that having students from Yeshiva University for shabbat is an important experience for the community of New Rochelle.

According to Sterman, the strong modern Orthodox community of New Rochelle made it a perfect fit for the shabbaton. Only a 30-minute drive from Washington Heights, many members of the Young Israel of New Rochelle are affiliated with Yeshiva University in some way, as students or teachers.

“The administration has been very supportive of this idea from the onset,” said Sterman. “They see the potential that it has to offer and happily helped us to set things in motion.”

The student presidents of YSU and SCWSC expressed a desire to offer students enjoyable programming. They also remarked that they hope future student presidents advocate for continued programming of a similar nature. Sterman explained that it is often hard to start new program initiatives at a University, but he is hopeful for positive feedback from students to continue to push for more programs like this.

“We thought it (the shabbaton) would be a great opportunity to have a positive co-ed event while connecting with a different community,” said SCWSC president Keren Neugroschl.

“I think it's really nice that this shabbaton is taking place outside of Yeshiva University and Stern, because I think the two don't really connect in a Shabbos community, and something about a shabbos community brings people together,” said Stern College Junior and New Rochelle resident Nicole Berger. I think it's really nice that Stern and YU are coming to my community.”

Chaya Ross, a Junior at Stern College, displayed enthusiasm for the new shabbaton saying, “It seems like a great opportunity to have a meaningful Shabbat outside the usual spot.”