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After Investigation, Paprika Returns to Caf Card

After six days of non-participation, Paprika has been placed back on the Dining Club program, effective today. The change was announced by Dean of Students Dr. Chaim Nissel via email.

Paprika’s return follows its removal from the Dining Club last week for a computer issue that resulted in four Beren students being double-charged for their restaurant bills. These overcharges occured between January and March of this year.

“I am pleased to announce,” wrote Dean Nissel in an email sent around 10:20 PM on Monday, April 23, “that effective Tuesday, April 24, Paprika restaurant will again be part of the YU dining card.”

Nissel cautioned, “As with any restaurant transaction, students should check the charges on the YU Card mobile app or online and report any issues to the YU Card office at” He further advised for students to direct questions about the YU Card system to the same email address.

Paprika owner David Yazen could not be immediately reached for comment.

According to Director of Dining Services Sam Chasan, the decision to allow Paprika to return to the Dining Club program was made after a commitment by Paprika to be more careful and diligent in their oversight of their payment system.

Chasan also stressed the importance of students reviewing their payment history through the YU Card program, as it is the main avenue by which Dining Services can be alerted to these types of issues. Chasan noted that mischarges occur from time to time with any of the restaurants in the Dining Club program, but student feedback is needed to identify the situations where a charge was wrong.

In February of 2016, students noticed that the popular uptown restaurant Golan Heights was charging students sales tax on their orders, even though all Caf Card transactions are supposed to be tax-free. This resulted in Golan’s temporary removal from the Dining Club, before the issue was addressed and resolved with Golan’s ownership.

“The convenience of Paprika’s proximity to the dorms would have been greatly missed by the Brookdale residents,” remarked sophomore Yael Attias. “Hearing that it was put back on the Caf Card was an amazing way to start the week!”

Students can view their Caf Card transaction history by visiting, and clicking the “Transactions” link, found under the “Financial” tab.


This article has been updated with a student quote since it was originally published.