By: Michelle Naim  | 

Chief of Staff to Leave President’s Office

Dr. Stuart Halpern, former Chief of Staff to Yeshiva University President Ari Berman, moved to the Provost’s Office on February 1 to serve in the role of Senior Advisor to the Provost.

University Provost Dr. Selma Botman stated, “I am very excited about his new position which will allow me to launch interdisciplinary and academic initiatives, work more closely with our partner Israel universities, collaborate with deans and others in my office to develop dual degree programs at YU, and [explore] a host of other exciting possibilities.”

Although Dr. Halpern’s position has shifted to Senior Advisor to the Provost, Dr. Halpern was still listed as President Berman’s Chief of Staff at the time of publication: “Dr. Halpern is Chief of Staff to President Ari Berman, responsible for overseeing the administrative, financial, and operational affairs of the office of the President,” reads the website. “He provides strategic support to the President, develops and coordinates high-priority initiatives, and serves as a primary liaison between the President and University stakeholders.”

On Yeshiva University’s official website, there is no clear indication about the title of “Senior Advisor to the Provost”; however, in an email by Dr. Botman to The Commentator, she wrote, “Stu’s familiarity with the University and his role in the community ideally suit him to working in the Provost’s Office.” It is unclear whether the Chief of Staff position, formerly held by Dr. Stuart Halpern, will be filled by someone else going forward.

Provost and Vice President for academic affairs Selma Botman manages academic programs, research, personnel and resources. As provost, Dr. Selma Botman works with administrators and deans to maintain a curriculum, fosters collaboration between all Yeshiva University schools and colleges for research and creative opportunities, and hires new faculty.

Dr. Stuart Halpern has previously held several different roles at Yeshiva University. These titles include Assistant Director of Straus Center for Torah and Western Thought, Assistant Director of Community Outreach and Student Activities of the Bernard Revel Graduate School of Jewish Studies, and the Deputy Managing Editor of YU Press.