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SWAG Day: By the Numbers

The Wilf and Beren Offices of Student Life just wrapped up their second annual SWAG day, a day in which an array of customized YU outerwear was given, free of charge, to YU undergraduate students.

According to Natan Bienstock, a Student Life Coordinator in the Wilf campus Office of Student Life, 76.82% of the student body, or 745 students, on the Beren campus received swag while 72.6% of the students, or 825 students, on the Wilf campus received swag. In total, over 1,200 items were distributed to students.

271 students, over 27% of Beren students, on the Beren campus claimed the zip-up jacket, which was the most popular item downtown. Hoodies were the most popular item on the Wilf campus, and were given to 396 students, nearly 35% of Wilf students. On both campuses, the crew neck sweater was the least distributed item.

“Anecdotally, on Beren the crew necks ran out first, but that was primarily due to their being the item in which we had the smallest quantity,” explained Bienstock. On the Wilf campus, all of the hoodies, over 200, were gone within an hour and a half, forcing the staff to bring additional hoodies from the Beren campus.

President Ari Berman, after being pressed in an interview for his favorite item of SWAG day, confessed to taking two sweatshirts. “I thought that the zipper would be more comfortable for me, but it wasn’t,” he explained.

“My fellow Yeshiva University students and I were overjoyed to hear that we would be receiving YU apparel. Yeshiva University really understands the passions of its students and caters to them,” mentioned Efraim Shachter, a student in Yeshiva College. “In this case the passions being catered to were the widespread love of Yeshiva University and that of free things.”


Photo Credit: President Ari Berman's Twitter