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YU Employees Required to Retrain in Anti-Sexual Harassment Policies

On Tuesday, December 5, YU’s Chief Human Resources Officer Julie Auster notified employees of the university that they were required to take an e-learning workshop on sexual harassment and discrimination in the workplace no later than December 20. The notice included faculty and staff, as well as student employees.

In the notice, Auster cited the wave of “publicity surrounding workplace harassment” alongside YU’s “commitment to providing a safe learning, working and living environment and to adhere to the Five Torot that form the basis for our university’s collective values” as the reason for the new training. The Five Torot refer to five fundamental principles President Berman outlined in his investiture speech this past September.

All YU employees were obligated to take an online course that details what is considered sexual harassment in the workplace as part of the process of becoming formally employed. This course was meant to augment the training already given.

The hour-long course, entitled “Mosaic: Prevent Discrimination and Harassment Together,” is offered by EduRisk, an online portal which “deliver[s] solutions for safe and thriving academic communities.” It covers workplace basics as it relates to potential harassment and discrimination. It includes a combination of videos and scenarios prompting the viewer to answer questions at specific intervals. The scenarios cover topics like unwanted sexual advances and different groups that are covered by anti-discrimination laws.

In addition to the required module, Auster also recommended another course entitled “Mosaic: Prevent Sexual Violence Together.”

Auster’s notice also included a link to YU’s 36-page Non-Discrimination & Anti-Harassment Policy & Complaint Procedures manual and reminded all employees that they can report any abuse to Renée R. Coker, Sr. Director, Talent Management & Title IX Officer at YU.