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Top Comments Episode 2: Dennis Prager at YU

On December 4th, 2017, Dennis Prager, a renowned conservative thinker and radio host, spoke to YU students on the Wilf campus about leftism, feminism, and the Torah itself. We delve into that speech and its implications with three top tier guests: Sarah Casteel (YAF), Nolan Edmonson (College Republicans), and Doniel Weinreich (College Democrats).


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*Editors Note
During the podcast, Doniel Weinreich, a representative of the College Democrats, indicated that he had speaker forms that were being held up by the Office of Student Life. He was referring to speakers for Kol Hamevaser, not speakers for the College Democrats. Co-president of the College Democrats Matthew Haller told The Commentator that approval for a screening of a film was delayed at the OSL, while speakers for their other two events this semester were promptly approved.