By: Aaron Szydlo  | 

YU Opens Online Store for Maccabee Apparel and Swag

Yeshiva University students will soon be able to purchase YU apparel and swag online through a new website. The online store will give students the opportunity to buy Yeshiva University themed bags, watches, and gear, among other things.

In addition to sweatshirts and athletic bags, the new store will feature YU Maccabee onesies, bibs, aprons, tents, robes, and flip-flops. The website will also allow users the option to customize their own items with logos of their choice.

Greg Fox, Associate Director of Athletics, and Joe Bednarsh, Director of Athletics, have been working tirelessly behind the scenes to bring the new YU store into fruition. While Yeshiva University had an online store in the past, it was outdated, limited, and hard to locate.

According to Fox, this new website will be user friendly and have an enormous inventory. “Yeshiva University has partnered with the company Advanced Online to carry the website into the future,” said Fox.

Additionally, Fox and Bednarsh have been working with the Yeshiva University Marketing Team in order to promote the website on social media to spread the word.

“The branding will be better and the site will be picture-driven which should make navigation more exciting and allow us to showcase more photos of the athletes,” said Bednarsh. “The new site will also integrate better with social media and allow us to give recognition to our athletes more often and widely.”

Fox also expressed confidence in the quality of the new store. “This new website will really legitimize us as a Division III school,” he said.

Bednarsh said the new website aims to improve the browsing experience as a whole by allowing its users to visit stats pages for any team, an option that did not exist before.

While the store had a soft opening in the beginning of October to work out some kinks and to ensure that all of the logos were uploaded properly, the store will be having its official grand opening soon.

As for the official opening date of the store, Fox explained, "We don’t have an official date at this point, but we’re probably looking at Wednesday, Nov 29, to coincide with the redesign and relaunch of our athletics website.”

Students on both Wilf and Beren campuses are expressing their excitement about the new store. “The new website takes astronomical leaps and bounds over the previous YU store of the past,” remarked Yeshiva College Senior and basketball team member Jamie Cappell. Sy Syms School of Business Senior Suri Brach echoed this sentiment. “This new website adds so much to the culture of YU. I think people are going to get excited about being here and attending school events.”

Yeshiva College Junior Jacob Saks proclaimed, “In my two years at YU, I had no clue where I could find a school t-shirt. This new website should be awesome.”