By: Esti Kuperman  | 

New Lounge on Beren Campus to be Opened in Stanton Hall

Yeshiva University is in the process of transforming part of the third floor of Stanton Hall into a student lounge, which will be accessible at all hours and available for use by all students.

According to Dean Karen Bacon, this new lounge came after a request from the Beren Student Life Committee for more lounge space in Stanton Hall. The Dean’s Office helped create the lounge by repurposing a rarely-used computer room located on the third floor of Stanton Hall (245 Lexington) on the Beren Campus.

“The original conversion of the room was done by Mr. Joe Cook, head of facilities, with support from the SCW Dean's Office,” Bacon explained. The room has been closed up for the past few years, and is being reopened specifically for the purpose of the lounge.

Stanton Hall, located on the Beren Campus, is one of two academic buildings that students occupy every day. Although the 245 Lexington café is often a great place to hang-out, it's hours are limited. It is not open from 3:15- 5:00 in the afternoon and is closed for the evening starting at 8 pm (Thursdays at 7).

“There really are no places on campus to really hang out with friends, talk on the phone, or study in a group,” said Kira Paley, a SCW junior. “Even the downtown library is hard to be in because it's so quiet, and you can't hang out, have meetings, or study with others there unlike the uptown library."

Dean Bacon says the new lounge will be repainted and will include couches, tables, and window treatments.

The funding for the lounge came from Esther Lerer, a Stern College Graduate and daughter of Gita and Jack Nagel. Gita and Jack Nagel are longstanding members of the Yeshiva University Board of Trustees. They donated the Jack and Gitta Nagel Family Atrium, as well as Student Commons “Nagel Bagel” and Mrs. Gitta Nagel was honored by Yeshiva University during last year’s Chanukah dinner as a longtime supporter and donor to the institution. Her daughter, Esther Lerer, was interested in making a donation to Stern in her mother’s honor. Lerer spoke to Dean Bacon and together they decided where her donation could be best put to use.

“I presented Mrs. Lerer with some options for the gift and she was excited about supporting the refurbishing of the lounge,” said Dean Bacon. The Beren Student Life Committee has already begun working alongside student affairs staff to completely furnish and design of the room to be the most fitting and comfortable for the students.

As for the expected completion date for the lounge, Becky Ciment, Assistant Director of Housing and Residence life, said that the university is working diligently. “I don't have an end date yet,” Ciment said, “But it is likely it will be completed by winter break, although we are hoping for before!”

SCW junior Ilana Levy was ecstatic to hear about the new lounge. “As a commuter, the lounge is a great outlet to de-stress and organize my thoughts since I don't have a dorm room,” she said. “Not only that, it's a great way to meet new people”.

The new lounge will also add a social aspect to daily life at Stern, something many students feel is missing.

“I think it's perfect because there's no other real lounge in the school,” said SCW junior Rebecca Yizhaky. “Sure, people go to the study room and hang out, or the beis midrash, but that's not their purpose. Now we finally have a place to catch up with friends in a voice louder than a whisper.”


Photo Credit: Yeshiva University Plexxus