By: Ben Strachman  | 

Fall Wilf Election Results Announced

The winners of the fall Wilf campus student council election on October 24th were announced the day after the election. Detailed election results were released by the Canvassing Committee for the first time after an amendment to the Wilf Campus Constitution was ratified last semester requiring it to do so.

Daniel Ferber won the race for Sophomore Representative, Yehuda Brick won Junior Representative, Amitai Miller won YSU VP of Clubs, and Akiva Clair won the new position of SOY PR Secretary. After no students declared candidacy for Freshman Representative or JSS Representative, the positions remain unfilled after no write-in candidate garnered the minimum of twenty votes and a plurality of the vote necessary to win.

A total of 357 students, or 32% of the male undergraduate student body, voted in the election, marking a significant decrease in voter participation from the spring 2017 election, where 548 students, or 50% of the student body, voted. The spring election, seen by many as the more important of the two yearly elections, in which students vote for the YCSA, YSU, SOY, and SYMSSC presidencies, has historically pulled in a higher turnout.

Daniel Ferber won 52% of votes cast, 54 votes in total, compared to the 36% of the runner-up. Yehuda Brick won 56% of the vote, 70 votes in total, compared to the 37% of the runner-up. 246 students voted for Amitai Miller, 74% of the votes for declared candidates, and his opponent won 26%. Akiva Clair received 177 votes, 54% of votes cast for declared candidates, and his opponent won 149 votes, 46% of the vote.

In accordance with the amendment passed last semester requiring the Canvassing Committee to share the detailed results of the election with the student body within three days of the election, Canvassing Committee Chairman Nolan Edmonson shared the results with The Commentator the night after the election and sent an email with the results to the student body the day after the election.