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Computer Science Experts to Lecture on Data Science

On October 25th, Research Director of Gartner Inc. Dr. Erick Brethenoux and Chief Technology Officer of Mayo Clinic Steve Demuth are set to headline an event on the Wilf campus on data science and its impact on the modern world. Dr. Brethenoux will lecture about “The Data Science Revolution: The Future of Analytics is on a Need-To-Know Basis,” after which Mr. Demuth will speak on the topic of “Realizing the Power of Data in Medicine.” The lectures will take place in Furst Hall Room 501 at 5pm that evening and are open to all.

Dr. Brethenoux plans to discuss the significant impact data-driven machines have on decisions and the additional influence of artificial intelligence systems in the future. He will also detail how organizations can position themselves for success within the current technological and economic revolution. Brethenoux currently specializes in machine learning, artificial intelligence, and applied cognitive computing.

Mr. Demuth will talk about the significance of data within the medical world. He will describe how using data science to harness large amounts of raw data can alter the world of medicine and help doctors, nurses, and patients. He previously served at IBM as Chief Architect and Senior Technical Staff Member in Decision Management.

Judah Diament, Program Director of Undergraduate Data Science and Co-Chair of the Yeshiva College Computer Science department, stated “given that we are now offering both a data science track in the computer science major as well as a series of classes for non-majors, we want to give students the opportunity to understand if/why they should care about data science...[and] consider going into it as a profession...even if they are not going into it professionally, [they should] understand how it is impacting the industries/professions that they do plan to pursue and what skills they need to succeed.”

Diament added that Dr. Brethenoux and Mr. Demuth are both members of an Industry Advisory Board of “highly accomplished researchers and executives with whom we have created and reviewed our plans for computer science at Yeshiva College.” He explained that “Our goal is to provide an education that would make every one of these board members want to hire our Computer Science graduates. As such, we get input, guidance, and feedback from them to help insure that.”

He expressed appreciation towards Dean Karen Bacon and Provost Selma Botman for their “amazing support” and for making it “possible for us to do all that we’ve done so far and plan to do in the next couple of years.” Diament also thanked President Ari Berman, claiming he “has been extremely supportive as well, [and whose] address at the investiture indicates that we can expect more good things in this area to continue to happen.”

The event comes shortly after President Berman’s recent investiture, where he pledged to create new opportunities for YU students in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, known collectively as STEM, and highlighted the demand for data analytics in the marketplace of the future.


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