By: Elliot Fuchs  | 

How the Left Ruined Entertainment: The Sequel

The last time I published an article with a similar title, I discussed how the Left has extended their tentacles into our film and television, and have ruined those forms of entertainment. This time around, they have decided to impose their infinite wisdom into the realm of sports and we are all suffering as a result.

In late April, approximately 100 members of the ESPN staff were laid off. This included analysts and anchors some of which have been with the sports news network for close to twenty years.

In an article published in Politico titled “Did Too Much Caitlyn Jenner Doom ESPN?” Ben Strauss wrote that the layoffs were due to a “lack of cash flow to pay those bills.” According to the article, “ESPN’s politics,” is to blame for their loss of “millions of viewers.”

Sports journalist Clay Travis wrote “[The] collapse has been aided by ESPN's absurd decision to turn into MSESPN, a left-wing sports network.”

Similarly, Linda Cohen – an ESPN anchor herself – said that ESPN’s political talk is “definitely a percentage” of why ESPN continues to lose viewership and money.

But ESPN doesn’t seem to be ashamed by their failing ratings and their clear political agenda--they’re proud of it.. This is made clear by the fact that on you can find an article titled “New ESPN guidelines recognize connection between sports, politics.”

Just like the film industry, it seems that this left-wing organization doesn’t care that their fan base isn’t looking for political analysis when they are just trying to watch the baseball game. They are far more interested in promoting what suits them, at the expense of one hundred now jobless former employees and doing their job, namely, entertaining us. The day before these reporters were fired published an article about poetry and feminism. In other news – the word of the day is juxtaposition.

How are the American people supposed to escape the tyranny of the Left if we can’t even watch SportsCenter without them spewing their idiocy? What does one say about a sports network that fires famous, capable and experienced reporters like Ed Werder and Trent Dilfer, but keeps Jemele Hill and Max Kellerman, who would rather talk about the President than a football game?

But the truth is that we should have seen this coming. ESPN has been censoring the Right and promulgating the Left for quite some time.

Let’s think back, not too long ago, when the news cycle was filled with quarterback Colin Kaepernick and his political opinions. Mainstream media – read this and understand something – the American people don’t have a reason to care about Kaepernick’s opinion on anything other than how to throw a football.

But, let’s pretend for a moment viewers do want a daily dose of politics to go with their sports entertainment. Why then, was Curt Schilling fired for voicing a conservative opinion on transgenderism? He certainly fits the requirement of being famous from his athletic career. I am a fan of the Yankees, yet, even I will admit that few people have ever thrown the ball as well as Schilling. And he is definitely a better sportsman than Kaepernick, whose career has been on a steep decline, since his brief success in 2014. It is with this double standard that people are getting fed up. It is this double standard that led people to stop watching ESPN. And, it is also this double standard that got Donald Trump elected last November.

In a March 3rd poll, YouGov – a polling and marketing firm – stated that “Republican sentiment toward ESPN declined.” The wishful thinker hopes that they will learn from their mistakes and begin reporting sports as we, the viewers, want them too.

Unfortunately, given the trend of current events, it seems that Liberals are more interested in pursuing their own agenda than catering to the desires of the American people.

With the quality of sports and entertainment diminishing all over the country from this depressing state of events, it makes one wonder where (if anywhere) the American people will be able to escape if they ever just want to take a step away from politics.

Last march, John Nolte of the Dailywire, published an interesting article titled “How to Destroy CNN, Survive Without Cable TV, And save lots of $$$.” After the whole ESPN episode, he doubled down on his message by basically replacing CNN with ESPN. He makes the point that these Democratic news networks make money through our cable subscriptions and that it may be time for us to cancel them as a result.

Yes, the time may have come where it is worthwhile to disconnect ourselves from the oppression of Leftist news. Essentially, in the short term, we can “cut the cord.” But the bigger problem here is that wherever we move for our sources of entertainment, it seems as though the Left will follow us and corrupt it for their own political agenda.

With the Left’s crusade against guns, movies, theatre, and sports, we are at risk of becoming fun-less political robots. Here’s to hoping that they don’t go after horseback riding next.