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Wilf Campus Election Results

The results of the undergraduate student elections on the Wilf Campus are in. The Commentator has learned the results:

YSU President: Zachary Sterman
YSU VP of Classes: Max Hoffman
YSU VP of Clubs: Joshua Deutsch
A YSU Senior Class Representative and YSU Junior Class representative were not elected, as no candidate for either position received 20 votes.

SOY President: Dovid Simpser
SOY VP: Noah Marlowe
SOY MYP Representative: Adi Ciner
SOY SBMP Representative: Joseph Aronoff
SOY IBC Representative: Samuel Gelman
A SOY JSS Representative was not elected, as no write-in candidate for the position received 20 votes.

SYMS President: Joshua Zirman
SYMS VP: Benjamin Zirman
SYMS Secretary/Treasurer: Brandon Emalfarb

YCSA President: Isaac (Eitan) Lipsky
YCSA VP: Akiva Schiff
YCSA Secretary/Treasurer: Yisrael Schatz

All three proposed constitutional amendments were ratified. Amendment 1 expanded the eligibility for SOY President to any member of any morning Torah Studies program, Amendment 2 added a PR Secretary to the SOY Board, and Amendment 3 required more detailed disclosure of election results.