By: Shoshy Ciment  | 

MTA Student Attacked and Robbed in Washington Heights

On Monday, February 27, 2017, two assailants attacked and robbed a 15-year old MTA student as he was leaving school.

The two attackers, reported to have been “dark skinned” teens, punched student Yaakov Weisberger in the face. They ran off with his phone, leaving him “completely stunned” and in need of stitches for his wounds.

According to a YU Security Advisory that was sent out on Feb 28, 2017, the attack occurred at approximately 6:00 on the evening of February 27, 2017 on W. 187th Street and Amsterdam Avenue.

The advisory also mentioned that “the New York City Police Department responded to the scene and the 34th Precinct Detective Squad is now investigating” and claimed that the YU Security in the area has “increased patrols,” especially during MTA dismissal times.

MTA and the NYPD have not been responded to requests for comment at this time.

Weisberger explained that he was fortunate that the attack occurred so close to MTA because students immediately came to help him. Although he described the period of time between the attack and arriving at the hospital as a “vague memory,” Weisberger was confident all the while that he “was in good hands.”

Describing his recovery as “speedy,” Weisberger expected to be back to school today (March 1), but those plans were frustrated due to a sudden cancellation of classes at the YU High School for Boys due to a bussing mixup. Weisberger is thankful for everyone who helped him recover.

“It's a crazy world out there,” mused Weisberger.  “It's even harder to believe that the craziness can reach you, but it certainly can. This incident is proof to that.”

YU Security is advising that students take extra measures of caution during this time, especially during the afternoon and evening hours.


Photo credit: YUHSB Flickr