By: Elliot Fuchs  | 

God, Israel, and The Constitution: How to Protect Ourselves

Over the past few weeks, the Jewish people have been under assault by anti-semitic threats across the nation. Both our youth, in local Jewish Community Centers, and our deceased, in Jewish cemeteries, have faced hatred as bomb threats and vandalism have been keeping the entire community on its toes.

With President Trump doing little to rectify the situation other than offering not-so-harsh words of rebuke. And with little indication of what, if anything, it will take to protect the Jewish people, it is incumbent upon all Jews to remember how to fight back. Here is how we protect ourselves in a society structured like this one when facing persecution.

It is no secret that, right now, Jews are politically polarized. 70% of Jews across the country vote Democrat, which is comprised of mostly ethnic Jews and ultra-Orthodox Jews. But a large chunk of the Modern Orthodox community is conservative. A Pew Research study noted that 57% of “modern orthodox” Jews lean to the right in 2013.  While groups like J-Street and AIPAC offer contrasting views for the American-Israeli partnership and cause Jews to fight politically on a regular basis, we are now presented with an opportunity, albeit an unfortunate one, where Jews can all agree that oppression against our people is (obviously) a bad thing.

Thus far, this moment has transcended partisan politics and we must use this newfound unity to reach out to politicians and force them to do take action. We need to continue to make our voices heard and explain that the Jewish community will not stand for this.

We must then also keep the second amendment very close to our hearts and fight to the death for it’s preservation.  We cannot forget that in the days of Nazi Germany, gun control was very strict for all the disfavored minority groups. I am not trying to suggest that modern America is anything like Nazi Germany. But as Ben Shapiro explained, in his infamous gun control debate with Piers Morgan, if our Jewish ancestors were better armed it is likely that 6 million people would not have been slaughtered. In the event these perpetrators end up being some type of racist or anti-religious group like the KKK, we must be ready to fight back.

Perhaps most importantly, we can never cease in our fight for the State of Israel and her continued growth and survival. As proven by the “Raid on Entebbe” in 1976, the State of Israel will come to the aid of her people no matter how dangerous the mission may be. Jews around America can rest assured that they will be safe as long as Israel has a state, an army, and a flourishing economy. This is why Jews everywhere need to fight unapologetically for continued improved relations between America and Israel.

It is incumbent, upon all of us at this scary point in time, to make a very large Kiddush Hashem whenever the opportunity arises. In the event, the rise of anti-Semitism continues to grow in America, we will need all of the allies we can get. Additionally, keeping God happy in difficult times, is probably a good idea.
The theme of much of what is outlined here is smart foreign policy and effectively utilizes the rights granted to us by the Constitution. Luckily, the Constitution, as currently structured and understood, is designed to protect all people. And if the laws of the constitution are kept intact the way it was originally designed; to protect all people, we Jews will have a place where we can live in freedom. It is when the word of our founding document becomes malleable that we must be concerned that those perverting its essence may try to do us harm.