By: Ilan Atri  | 

New and Expanded Options for YU Dining

We have all been in that situation of where we want something to munch on or to quench our thirst, but when we stop by Nagel’s Bagels we find ourselves disappointed to be greeted by that frustrating YU curtain, indicating that it is closed. Many of us have also wanted to try the new restaurant everyone is raving about but have found ourselves low on funds.

Starting in the spring semester of 2017, both of those problems have been solved. Subaba, the new sandwich bar on Amsterdam Avenue between 187th and 188th Street, is now on the Caf Card. Rumors had circulated last semester that Subaba would never make it onto the Caf Card because it is not technically on campus, but that was proven wrong, and all YU students are now invited to pay with their Omni funds and enjoy the world-famous brisket sandwich. As Michael Kohan remarked, “Eating in the Caf gets boring sometimes, so I’m glad that the next time I feel like having a Caesar salad without having to pay cash for it, I can.”

Another exciting and highly convenient change is the extension of the Nagel Bagel hours of operation. Prior to this semester, Nagel Bagel was open in the morning and most of the afternoon, but then remained closed until late at night, reopening only at 9 pm. Now that it opens earlier at 8 pm, students can rely on Nagel Bagel for dinner at a relatively normal hour. Kevin Bokor seemed particularly excited. He said, “it was always so frustrating when I would study in the library right after dinner and I wouldn’t be able to grab a slice of pizza to munch on. With the new hours, I can grab a pre-dinner snack instead. This makes my life a whole lot easier.”


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