By: David Rubinstein  | 

Longtime Caf Personnel Member Regina Eli Departs YU for New Position

Regina Eli, longtime staff member at the Furman Dining Hall, completed her last day of work at YU on Friday, December 16th. She is moving to Maryland, where she will work on the staff of a hotel in Silver Spring.

Ms. Eli, endearingly called Regina by the hundreds of students who appreciate her sincere smile and cheerful attitude, came to Yeshiva over eleven years ago when a temp agency connected her with a position at YU. She stayed on staff, switching from working in stock to working as a cashier, a move which Regina described as her fondest memory from her time in the Caf.

“I’ve enjoyed working in the Caf,” she said. “It’s had its ups and downs, but I enjoyed it.”

Sam Chasan, Director of Dining Services, worked with Regina for several years. “She’s always been a very dedicated worker,” he said. “She pays attention to everybody and makes sure everything is perfect. It’s a big loss that she’s leaving.”

Adin Liss, a finance major completing his studies at the Sy Syms School of Business, said Regina’s positive attitude was “contagious.”

“Every single time I made a purchase, I could count on a smile and a kind word, which brightened my day immeasurably,” he reminisced.

Regina reflected on her time at Yeshiva:  “it’s been nice; it’s been real.”