By: Aaron Szydlo  | 

Growing Hospitality and Management Club Expands Annual Visits

Have you ever seen a hotel or restaurant and wondered what goes on besides making the food? If this sounds familiar, then the Hospitality and Management Club is the place for you. The club aims to meet with the management of restaurants and hotels and to get a behind the scene look into their daily operations. Yosef Kerendian (Sy Syms, ‘19), a board member for the club exclaimed, “there is great triumph in understanding the behind-the-scenes of a world class hotel and restaurant in the heart of New York City.”

In past years, the club has aimed to meet with one hotel and one restaurant per year. Last year, they took a trip to Hotel Edge, a local hotel on 168th Street in Washington Heights, as well as to the Midtown restaurant, Mr. Broadway. This year, however, there is a new initiative. Board members such as Matan Horenstein (Sy Syms, ‘17), Sabrina Benmoha (SCW, ‘18), and others have decided that the club should meet with two hotels and restaurant per year. Sam Gelman (Sy Syms, ‘19) stated, “even though I really did not know much about Hospitality Management before joining, I am so thrilled to be a part of the club. I think we are doing great things and the club provides a fantastic learning opportunity. I would encourage anyone who even has a slight inclination of joining to do so immediately.” The Hospitality and Management Club is making a reputation for itself around both the Stern and Wilf Campuses.

Though the exact establishments to go to for this year have not been chosen yet, board members are working tirelessly to connect with a number of hotels and restaurants. Benni Besalel (Sy Syms, ‘19) mentioned, “We have been contacting a lot of different places, but it is not so easy to reach all of them. The emailing and calling back and forth definitely takes its toll on you.” Members of the club are working remarkably hard to make this year better than any year in recent history.  

The Hospitality and Management Club is one of the most interesting clubs on campus. It offers a remarkable learning opportunity and a chance to build new relationships. Tyler Hod (Sy Syms, ‘20) said, “After speaking with some friends and members of the club, I think I am definitely going to join.” The time to join is now, spots are being filled and events are happening. You do not want to miss being a part of this club. When the first event happens, where will you be?