By: Etan Vann  | 

Do you know the Muffin Man who lives in Washington Heights? Eizenshtein Bakery Is Back

On Monday November 13, the Eizenshtein Bakery reopened its doors after a five-month hiatus. While not under new ownership, the bakery is taking a new angle on how to best serve the YU community than it had previously, focusing on offering a wide selection of items at a price that is affordable for the student body.

While for many years the Heights has had countless different kosher dining and grocery options, the one thing that it lacked was a kosher bakery. Seeing the need for a bakery, Eizenshtein opened last March. The initial approach of the bakery was to offer a vast amount of gourmet pareve baked goods. However, while the bakery did receive positive reviews (4.8/5 on their Facebook page), the business was not present, especially over the summer. The owners decided that in order to make their business profitable, they had to find a way to cater towards the budget of the students.

In addition to the new prices, there are some new goods that the bakery provides. The baked goods available for purchase on a daily basis include cookies (baked daily at 8:00 AM), muffins, croissants, and pre-packaged cake slices and cookies. Towards the end of the week, the bakery makes Challah and fancier treats in honor of Shabbos. Eizenshtein also has a new café section in the store and sells lattes and espressos as well. The store’s new seating area creates a nice and quiet place to be somewhere peaceful, and a comfortable place to hang out or study.

Still, it seems the best part about the store is the prices. In what used to be an expensive bakery, one can now walk in and find it hard to spend more than ten dollars on his purchase. The owners hope that this will help increase business and give them the clients that they were not able to have before. For those who wish to have the delicacies that were served last semester, one can preorder specialties such as birthday cakes with a 48 hour notice. As of now, the application to put the bakery on the caf card is still pending, with hopes to get approval in the coming months. The bakery is under the Kashrus of the Vaad of Riverdale and will surely be a valuable asset for the YU community.