By: Judah Stiefel  | 

And Then There Was Swag

Student Life gave undergraduates complimentary swag as they returned from a long holiday break. As Assistant Director of Student Life Linda Stone put it, “The Student Life professionals looked forward to welcoming students back with an upbeat, inspiring event to enhance the YU school spirit and pride in our campus community.” There’s no doubt that it was successful as the throng of students that waited to receive their swag wrapped around the entire Heights Lounge. As of press time, 1,400 pieces of apparel have been given out and there are still going to be more chances for students who hadn't yet received swag.

Over the past week, everywhere around the school students donned their YU swag with pride. Sophomore Daniel Jerome Schwarz said, “seeing people wearing YU apparel has been quite uplifting. It’s nice to feel that students are really proud of this school.” There’s no doubt that school spirit is on the rise.

As for the selection, the Student Life department felt it was important to give students a nice selection of apparel. Sophomore Avery Ennis commented, “it’s clear that the blue hoodies were the best thing to get.” I personally am a big believer in the grey long sleeve-T, and there were also plenty of students who preferred the grey crew neck sweatshirt. The two Stanton Fellows, Sarah Sheps and Natan Bienstock, worked with student life to create what ultimately became the three selections. The event was encouraged and supported by Rabbi Brander, Vice President for University and Community Life.

The atmosphere in the room was electric as students waited for their swag. Music was blasting and there were even complementary blue and white cookies at the end of the long line along with some excellent balloons. The wait was long and, if time is money, then the free swag was expensive, bu all the more worth it. Suffice it to say that the boost of energy and school spirit will be helpful as the days get colder and the long stretch of a semester kicks in.

[caption id="attachment_5858" align="aligncenter" width="250"]Students wait in line in the Heights Lounge to receive free YU swag Students wait in line in the Heights Lounge to receive free YU swag[/caption]