By: Darren May  | 

The Answer to Our Prayers: New Morgenstern Beit Midrash

One of the main political topics of conversation in this 2016 election year is America’s infrastructure. With failing structures, roads, and bridges all around, it’s not wonder that this is a hot topic. Any organization that wants to maintain its standards has to be constantly updating facilities in order to battle the power of entropy. Yeshiva University, too, is constantly updating its facilities. One part of the Wilf campus that needed improvement, the Morgenstern Beit Midrash, has recently been renovated.

There have been a number of significant updates to the study hall. The most significant change is sealing the entrance to the computer room. Previously, one had to walk through the Beit Midrash. Now, the computer lab is accessible by an entrance through the hallway. This is a truly significant improvement. By making this update students will no longer have to interrupt davening to print their papers and use computers, and the general decor of the Beit Midrash is significantly enhanced.

Other additions include new table, chairs, a new paint job, new blinds, new lighting, clean air conditioning air ducts, and clean windows. They also sanded and painted the bima (central lecturn) and Aron Kodesh (holy ark). All of these changes come together to create significant change in the Beit Midrash, change that has been readily welcome by the student body.

One student, Gabriel Gross, was very happy about the changes to the room affectionately called the Morg Beis. “It always seemed strange that one had to walk through the Beit Midrash to get to the computer room,” said Gross. “I am much happier with the new setup. I also like that there is a dedicated women’s section. I think that these are both steps that will benefit students and the YU community at large.”

One major change to the morning shacharit schedule this year was moving the 8:30 minyan from the Morgenstern lounge to the Beit Midrash. With the many new improvements to the Beit Midrash, this large daily minyan can be accommodated like never before. The students now have comfortable leather chairs to sit in. They also have enough chairs for almost every person in the minyan, whereas before, most students had to stand during davening. Finally, there is a place that women can pray without feeling like they are intruding on the davening, which was unfortunately the impression given by the old davening setup.


All in all, the renovations made to the Morg Beis are just one step forward in making YU a better place to be a student, and YU should be applauded for making improvement to campus life such a priority.