By: Elie Lipnik  | 

Another Successful Year of Cake Wars

Cake wars pic


The evening of February 4th, 2015 was indeed one to remember. As in years past, students from both the Wilf and Beren campuses anxiously awaited the most anticipated event of the year— Sharsheret’s Cake Wars. As one of the the largest club-run events of the year, Cake Wars gives students the opportunity to donate to a great cause while having an amazing time. Students create teams of 5-8 players who work together to decorate the most creative cake, keeping in mind the theme of the year. With well over 300 spectators and participants, this year’s Cake Wars appeared to be quite a success.

The event began with buses from Stern rolling up to the Wilf Campus, and students filing into Furst Hall. In an overly-packed 5th floor of Furst, students registered their teams, bought T-shirts and other Sharsheret memorabilia, and made sure to size-up their competition. Students were then ushered into a smaller room to hear from Shera Dubitsky, the Director of Navigation and Support Services at Sharsheret. She delivered a heart-warming speech about Sharsheret and its mission to assist women afflicted with breast cancer, while attempting to find the disease’s cure. She explained why Sharsheret is an extremely important organization because it gives individuals strength and a sense of unity knowing that they are not alone in their battle. After a welcome speech from co-presidents Rachel Mirsky, Shlomo Frishman, and Jacob Litwin, the event officially began.

Crowded into Furst’s large auditorium, 50 teams of students surrounded their sheet cakes in attempt to come up with a winning design. Each year’s Cake Wars has a theme for which students design their cake around--this year’s theme togetherness. The theme seemed entirely on point because Sharsheret is all about creating a united alliance of women to give love and strength to one another.

There were many creative and meaningful cakes that embodied the message of togetherness, including one team that created a “PinkedIn” cake, a play on the professional network alliance LinkedIn. Another team created a three-tiered cake with little people climbing up stairs titled “climb the cure.” One group even made a cake version of one of the judges, Shera Dubitsky. There were many other designs in relation to the upcoming Super Bowl football game, portraying two holding hands, and many other varying compositions.


To chose a winner of the competition, there were a few celebrity judges brought in-- Dani Beckerman, founder of JARS by Dani; Shera Dubitsky, Director of Navigation and Support Services at Sharsheret; Tina, 16 Handles Top Employee; and Dominick Costa, finalist of Seaside Sweets and Treats and manager of Gotham Burger Upper West Side. The winner of this year’s Cake Wars was Shake and Bake, with their cake depicting a world, with little figures holding hands all around it. On top, it had the Sharsheret insignia which read “we stand united.” First-place winners received a gift-card to Gotham Burger on the Upper West Side.

[caption id="attachment_4970" align="aligncenter" width="250"]Cake Wars Participants, Sharsheret Director of Navigation and Support Services Shera Dubitsky and the cake designed after Ms. Dubitsky. Cake Wars Participants, Sharsheret Director of Navigation and Support Services Shera Dubitsky and the cake designed after Ms. Dubitsky.[/caption]


Around the room, faces were lit up in joy, a fun time was truly had by all. Chantal Levy (SCW, 17’) said “Cake Wars is literally the best event of the year. I look forward to it every February!” Comments like these were being thrown around the room all evening long. Moreover, Akiva Marder (YC, 17’), a member of Shield News at the event, said that “there was really great energy in the room, it seemed like everyone was having an incredible time.” The president of Sharsheret Club on the Wilf Campus, Shlomo Frishman (YC, 16’), exclaimed “The event was a huge success! We raised a ton of money for a great organization and had an amazing time doing so.” As we close out Cake Wars 2016, there is only immense excitement and anticipation for what Cake Wars 2017 has in store.