By: Elie Lipnik  | 

Updates on Nagel Bagel, the Sky Cafe & More!

Whether it be an early morning snack before shiur, a quick lunch on the way to class, or a midnight ice cream indulgence while slaving away in the library, Nagel Bagel is a staple source of nourishment for the YU community. Early last March, plans were made to renovate the bustling store. Due to an exceptionally high volume of shoppers, the administration decided to redesign the shop by adding both more inventory and more space. Now, construction is underway to enlarge Nagel Bagel to more than double its original size.
The current plan will feature a modern design including new tiled floors, dropped ceilings, and a freshly installed lengthy L shaped cabinet to hold pizzas, coffee, utensils, and a meat warmer. Moreover, Nagel Bagel will now have three large, double door refrigerators that will carry a multitude of beverages, sandwiches, and wraps. Unlike before, Nagel Bagel is designing the layout to create a large, open space in the middle of the store to accommodate a large crowd, enabling many students to shop at the same time. All of the food, snacks, and beverages that were previously carried by the store will continue to be available--but now there will be a much more elaborate selection, including meat options.
Nagel Bagel, now better then ever, is thrilled for its grand re-opening to take place after the high holiday break. Their absence on campus has not gone unnoticed by the students; in fact, some students are so excited that they are virtually counting down the days until it opens. Akiva Marder (YC ’17) claims that “Nagel Bagel is honestly the best store in the Heights. It is open whenever I need something and it is centrally located so it’s easy to get to. Last year, I had class in Glueck right after my lunch period and I conveniently picked up a slice of pizza from Nagel Bagel on the way each day. I cannot wait for it to re-open!”
Another area of YU subject to the renovation frenzy at YU was the Sky Cafe on the 12th floor of Belfer, which has also been through quite a transformation. On a superficial level, the restaurant has gotten a new paint job, chic Tiffany lighting, state-of-the-art machinery, and an eye-capturing mural in front of the restaurant. Additionally, and perhaps more importantly, the Sky Cafe has changed from a dairy restaurant to a meat restaurant, with a completely new and expanded menu. With additional lunch hours and an excited staff, the Sky Cafe is now open for business.
This past academic school year there were strong reactions when the Sky Cafe changed their salad tossing policy to that of self-serve. The restaurant is now happy to announce that the professionals will once again serve and toss the customer’s salad. Also, new to the Sky Cafe is a hot dog warmer, a sushi display, a grab n’ go fajita/sandwich/pastrami-burger carrier, and an omelet station. In addition, every day there will still be multiple soup options with breadsticks and crackers, a wide variety of beverages including the highly requested Hal’s Seltzer, and a parve ices freezer. Food Services is enthusiastic about this change and hopes to see an influx of student customers at the Sky Cafe. Bruce Jacobs, the Director of Food Services at YU even mentioned that “if warranted, the Sky Cafe would potentially stay open for dinner, as well as lunch.”
Like Nagel Bagel and the Sky Cafe, Morg Cafe will not be what it once was. Rather than a late night oven-baked pizza and day-old sushi provider, it will be completely converted into a 24-hour vending lounge, with new machines on the way. Much like the vending lounge on the ground floor of Rubin, Morg Cafe will feature a couple of beverage machines, a snack machine, and a circular food machine.
Having an abundance of meal and snack options on campus is essential to the productivity of college students. With the construction of a new Nagel Bagel, the revamping of the Sky Cafe, and the transformation of Morg Cafe into a vending lounge, these institutions will surely have a strong impact on the YU community.