By: Aaron Szydlo  | 

Library Construction Inching Towards Completion

As students arrived for orientation on August 19th, and returning students a week later, they noticed a change on campus--the Mendel Gottesman Library was under construction. Prompted by a donation aiming to change the overall decor of the library, the renovations began last May. Some changes will make a tremendous difference for students who wish to use the library in the future.

For starters, side rooms are being added for group study. These rooms will benefit both those who wish to converse with their fellow classmates, as well as those who enjoy studying in the library for its peace and quiet. Additionally, more tables are being added to give more students the opportunity to study in the library. This should prove most beneficial during the library’s busy seasons, during mid-terms and finals, when library attendance peaks. Capping off the renovations will be the addition of windows as well as more floor space and new furniture. These changes are all targeted at improving the atmosphere of the library.

However, despite the renovations’ intent, many students have been irked by the inconveniences that the renovations have triggered. Some of these inconveniences include, the closing of all floors except for 5 and 5A, the difficulty of uploading documents from an outside computer, the general lack of study space and the periodic malfunctioning of the printers. . The temporary closure of the corridor between Glueck and the library and the frequent closing of the Heights Lounge have been taxing on the student body as well.

Although the construction has temporarily inhibited everyday life at the Wilf campus, some students expressed optimism about the future library. “While the renovations may be inconvenient now, and the fifth floor has been a little more crowded than usual, I know when they’re done the overall atmosphere of the library will be greatly improved,” said 5th floor library dweller Jesse Silverman (YC ‘18). The library is expected to fully reopen on October 9th, after the holiday break.

Some students expressed dismay at improvements being made to the library when they felt other areas on campus should be the priority. “I feel like the funds should be used on the Rubin dorms,” said Jake Rimberg, (Syms ’19). Fellow Syms student Liam Shapiro echoed Rimberg’s sentiment: “I do not see why the library gets renovations when the Rubin dorms need some work” (Syms ‘17). However, while many students may be upset that the money was not directed towards other construction, the money for the renovations was specifically donated to the library.

Overall, as the opening date for the newly renovated library slowly approaches, many students wait in angst. The library will be a haven when tests approach and papers are due. “I can’t wait until the library opens so I have a quiet place to do work. The dorms can be loud and distracting” said David Ferber (Syms ‘17). With expanded study areas, improved services and a fresh look, the renovations should prove worth the long wait.