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The Rest of the Field: Non-Presidential Profiles

Syms Student Council Candidates


Who I am: Judah Max Dobrinsky

What I am running for: SYMS VP

What I want to do: I feel that the clubs can be a bit too focused. I say that in the sense, that if one is interested in Accounting, he's most likely in the Accounting Club and if someone is interested in Finance or Investing he might find himself in the Finance/Investment Club however, it leaves a gap in which students start to socialize and form groups within their specific area of studies. However I believe if we can break that barrier, if we can have events which touch upon every area of interest, we can accomplish great things. We can have one large community of students in which Accounting majors and Finance majors and even BIMA majors are all joining in one conversation and can collaborate and create great things.

Quote: What I want to do as VP, is to unify the business school.

What makes me different: In the end of the day, I am going to put in all that I have to making the student body of Syms happy. I have always been someone that has cared more about others than himself and that holds true for this as well. I am not going to stop until the student body of Syms gets what they want and until we, we as a council, and we as a body of like minded individuals in Syms, create the best environment possible for everyone. Syms already has a big name in the world and if we all work together, we can make it even bigger.


Who I am: Maor Shoshana

What I am running for: SYMS Treasurer

What I want to do: Make sure that every dollar is maximized to make the YU experience the best it can be. Think outside the box.

Quote: I am running because I want to maximize my time in YU by joining as many clubs, running, and being a part of the YU environment.

What makes me different: “What makes me different is that I am an out-of-towner who comes from a very diverse background. I have a business savvy mind that will give me the edge from other candidates.”


Who I am: Moshe Lehman

What I am running for: SYMS Secretary/Treasurer

What I want to do: Make sure to provide the President, VP, and all Syms students with a balanced budget so that any new ideas and events will have the proper financial support needed so that clubs within the Syms department can continue bringing in speakers, provide pertinent information, and of course have free food at all the events.

Quote: I feel like my understanding of how YU runs and why students enjoy clubs and events will give me a better drive to be able to provide them with what they want.

What makes me different: Since I am majoring in finance, a vote for me is a vote for someone who can balance the budget and make sure we have funds available.


Who I am: Isaac Rosen

What I am running for: SYMS Secretary/Treasurer

What I want to do: I am currently working on some sponsors for the Syms Business School in order to raise capital for spending. Additionally, I plan on bringing in more speakers from the real estate world, big accounting firms, and some investment banking companies. Lastly, I plan on pushing to create a real estate major or at least integrate real estate courses into the curriculum.

Quote: The school as a whole is having some financial issues and due to this, we are limited to the majors available for us and to the range of clubs/programs we can join.

What makes me different: As I am on track of becoming an accounting major and finance minor, this is an area I am very familiar with. I have ideas to create a controlled budget to really see where the Syms money is going and how it can be distributed better and more efficiently.

Yeshiva Student Union Candidates


Who I am: Jacob Herenstein

What I am running for: VP of Classes for the YSU

What I want to do: Strengthen the relationship between the student body and the administration.

Quote: YU is the place where one can grow in his or her desired field of choice, while still being able to learn about and study Judaism at his or her own level and pace....YU is the ultimate place to be able to grow in both realms.

What makes me different: Unlike many of the current candidates, I have been on student council for over a year. I feel that with my experience, I can bring more to the table than many of the other candidates.


Who I am: Zev Rosenbaum

What I am running for: YSU VP of Clubs

What I want to do: I want to help continue the restoration and growth of YU clubs. Often I hear from my friends at other universities that clubs and school organizations have been a crucial part of forming their college lives. They've met friends, girlfriends, and found their direction in what they want to do through their clubs. Too often do I hear that clubs at YU are just a resume booster, meeting the minimum of two times throughout the semester and not really being a collection of like minded individuals, rather appearing more as gaggle of apathetic and tired students

Quote: With clubs such as TAMID Israeli Investment Group, the Investment Banking Club, and the Israel Club (to name a few), coming into prominence, clubs are having a renaissance of some sort. These clubs power through their dual curriculum to deliver meaningful events, successful networking, and countless meets throughout the semester. This is what I want to help foster, maintain, and grow within the YU community.

What makes me different: Beyond being a pipeline between the club heads and the proper authorities and making sure that everything runs smoothly, I want to help YU clubs be the best they can possibly be.


Who I am: Sam Moses

What I am running for: YSU VP of Clubs

What I want to do: Rather than just have more movies and speakers, promote and increase the amount of actual events (like cake wars) at clubs and create more social experiences. Create more fun events on campus.

Quote: Feel free and approach me if you have anything you want to talk about. Really looking forward to being on YSU and working for the student body to create some awesome events.

What makes me different: “I lived in a dormitory for my high school career and I know what it feels like to live away from home. Often students don't know what to do with their free time and wind up being bored wishing they have something to do. I know that mindset and what to do to alleviate some of that boredom.”


Who I am: Aryeh Minsky

What I am running for: Junior Class Representative

What I want to do: Protect the year from the academic changes, and make sure that you are treated fairly when it comes to classes requirements and the like. Plan fun activities, trips, Shabbatons etc.

Quote: My priority as Junior Class representative will be to make sure that everyone has an awesome junior year!

What makes me different: I will listen. I want to hear from you guys what matters to YOU. As a representative, it will be my job to represent the grade, and the best way for me to do that is by getting constant input and feedback from you guys.


Who I am: Shlomo Anapolle

What I am running for: YSU Junior Class Representative

What I want to do: I have run major trips, such as the YUPAC Mission to Washington DC, and shabbatonim here at YU and Stern and you may know me for my intense passions of Israel and improving the Sephardic community here on campus.

Quote: I really want to make a difference in making your experience here at YU more enjoyable and meaningful. I plan to use this position to give the Junior class a strong voice to student government and make your input matter!

What makes me different: I came to YU straight out of high school(MTA), and thus have been here for the past 6 years. Being here so long, I want to be your voice to continue to make changes where necessary.

Student Organization of Yeshiva Candidates


Who I am: Shua Brick

What I am running for: SOY Vice President

What I want to do: Shabbos: Creativity. Many people spoke of Shabbos and who they would bring in, but what about Shabbos programming are they changing? They simply wish to put in different people in the standard tisch/shiur/shaloshseudos platform. I wish to create other venues of diverse types such as communal games shows and interactive programming. There are a great deal of YU students who are paid to create impactful shabbatonim across the country, I would like to get them to bring their skills back home. I also would push ideas similar to other candidates to improve programming before and after shabbos. Also, IBC and JSS should not be afterthoughts in planning, but deserve an equal position in center stage. One size, does not fit all, so we need diverse approaches so that all students’ religious needs are met.

Quote: I am running because I am tired of complaining. Looking at events and thinking how I could do better. I am done being a victim to status quo and putting in my hishtadlus to steer our yeshiva in the right direction. I can offer someone they can speak to. Someone anyone can speak to. Let me hear your concerns and let me be your voice on campus. I am a powerful force in conversation and I know how to push the envelope and get things done.

What makes me different: Some other candidates seem to belong to certain unofficial fraternities, and clearly are pushing a very specific agenda. I want to push their agendas 100%. Honestly, they tend to be ones that I personally relate to and would love to put forward. Yet, I also can include other ideas so that everyone can find their home. Hearing some of the platforms from other candidates it is clear how little they are aware of YU students outside of their social circles and I think I offer a representative that is more aware of what many people are looking for.


Who I am: ET (Itamar) Lustiger

What I am running for: SOY Vice President

What I want to do: Vote for me if you’re interested in utilizing YU for all the amazing things that it offers and in not settling to falling back to a place you're unhappy with in your yeshiva experience.

Quote: I am running because I feel passionate and thankful for all YU has given me and will continue to give me, I want all students to appreciate the opportunity we have in the Yeshiva and in growing while you're at YU, not just staying stagnant.

What makes me different: I believe I can bring a personalized touched to the student body, I am interested in hearing all suggestions, and assuring that the Yeshiva has a heimish and inclusive feel and that involves every student in gaining a greater appreciation to their Judaism and in helping them grow as bnei torah.


Who I am: Jonah Sieger

What I am running for: SOY VP of MYP

What I want to do: Be an active member of the SOY council and be an attentive representative between the largest morning program in RIETS and the SOY council.

Quote: I also would like to encourage a friendlier atmosphere in the Beis Medrash and have everyone feel like they are not just part of an individual Shiur but a dynamic and vibrant Yeshiva.

What makes me different: I pride myself on being friendly and outgoing and I hope this encourages people to voice their complaints and ideas on how to improve the morning programs, chagigos, etc.


Who I am: Avi Rosalimsky YC

What I am running for: SOY VP of  MYP

What I want to do: Baruch Hashem, there is a tremendous Yeshiva culture in the Yeshiva's Beis Medresh. However, I feel that the Yeshiva "culture," once we step outside the Beis Medresh, is lacking a bit. I believe that this can and must change. One manner to create this Yeshiva "culture" outside of the Beis Medresh itself is to rejuvenate the Shabbossim on campus (especially the in-Shabbossim).

Quote: I would like to rejuvenate many of the events that SOY already puts together. For example, Rav Weinberger came last Shabbos, but very few people know about it. We need to create a "buzz" all around the Yeshiva about the events that we organize in order to create a Yeshiva feel throughout YU.

What makes me different: I have already begun looking into this possibility to have some of the in-Shabbossim become free. Guys should feel that we really want them to stay in for Shabbos.