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Presidential Profiles: Syms Student Council

Sammy Schwartz

I am an upper Junior in the Syms School of Business, majoring in Business Intelligence and Marketing Analytics. I am running for this position due to my desire to work with the deans, professors, and students to make Syms the best and most rewarding experience it can be. As the current President of the Marketing Club and a Resident Adviser in the dorms, I am already a student leader on campus and have worked with the Syms student council in the past. This makes me uniquely experienced and qualified for the position, and shows students my genuineness in wanting this position for reasons other than boosting my resume.

My goals that I would like to accomplish as Syms President are threefold. Firstly, I will work as an intermediary between the students and the administration. At this time, when many things are changing due to the University’s financial situation, it is vital that the students’ voice is heard by the administration in all the decisions they make. Whether it be representing the students in Syms or creating committees to meet with different deans of the business school, I will ensure that our voices are heard. Secondly, I would like for Syms student council to be more directly involved with the students. By creating a student council website or blog, I believe that we can accomplish this goal. We can use this platform to not only promote our events, but also to interview professionals and older students in the school who can provide invaluable advice to younger students on campus. My third goal would be to increase the site visits coordinated by the various Syms clubs. Although, every club has a requirement to have one site visit per semester, this rule is not always enforced.

As a current student leader and hopeful Syms President, it is clear that I care about YU and its students deeply. During my short time here on campus my goals are to help fellow students in any way possible and make sure there are opportunities for them to continue their growth. The network of Syms students and alumni is incredible and something that I will ensure is taken advantage of. As a current club president, I have already seen students further their careers and accomplishments as a result of events run by Syms clubs and efforts taken upon by the student council. It is this feeling of success and my pride in the university that motivates me to run for this position.


Michael Osborne

I am a third year on campus and I'm running for Syms President. I studied for a year at Yeshivat Lev HaTorah in Ramat Shilo. I am majoring in Management, minoring in Marketing (and may minor in Political Science as well). I currently serve as the President of the Israel Club and am active in many other clubs.

I'm not running for myself; I am running for all of you. My goal is to try and foster a better experience for those who are coming into the University and those who will be for many years to come. We have great opportunities here and I want to help all students try to maximize on these opportunities. I specifically want to open new channels of communication between the administration and the student body.



Josh Teller

My name is Josh Teller and I am running for Syms President. I am a Junior majoring in Accounting. I was born and raised in Toronto, Canada, where I was captain of my high school varsity basketball team. After senior year, I went to study abroad at Reishit in Beit Shemesh, Israel. I always wanted to attend YU, and once I got here, I made sure to get involved as a member of the Accounting Society and the Macs Volleyball team for the past two years. I am also a co-founder of the Consulting Club.

I am willing to drop my role as President of the Consulting Club to be the President of Syms so that I can become more involved with the entire Syms student body. The main focus of my campaign is to ensure students are being taught by the best educators and are given the highest level of education. Though budget cuts must be made, I strongly believe that there are ways to do it without hurting our education. With your vote, you will be voting for someone who cares not just about the Syms student body, but about YU as a whole, ensuring a stronger connection between the Syms and YC student bodies as well as the connection between the students of YU and the administration. At the end of the day, we are all here at YU for the same goals and purpose, which is to give ourselves the best possible future. As president of Syms I will make it my responsibility to allow all students to have a more enjoyable and fruitful college experience.