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YU Hosts Full Schedule of Chanukah Events

Once again, Chanukah on the Yeshiva University Wilf Campus was an exciting place to be. Many different events were held during the eight-day holiday, almost all involving some sort of combination of Torah, music, and doughnuts, a perfect mix. Among those events were a Chanukah concert featuring Benny Friedman, Shlock Rock, and Nissim Black and a Chanukah Chagiga. There was also a Yeshiva-wide Shacharit on the last day of Chanukah, followed by a free breakfast for all students. All of the events held strived to enhance the holiday atmosphere on campus, as well as to create a positive ruach amongst the YU student body.

The Chanukah Chagiga was held in the Heights Lounge and included traditional Jewish music performed by Aryeh Kunstler and Neshoma Orchestra. Doughnuts and latkes, the classic Chanukah foods were also served. One of the most notable parts of the Chagiga was the large crowd of people dancing, which included students, Rebbeim, and others from the greater YU community. Sammy Aronson, a Syms junior, said that the Chagiga “was a really nice experience where everyone in the yeshiva came together. It was also a great opportunity to spend time celebrating with the Roshei Yeshiva. Feelings of joy and happiness were palpable and there was nothing but smiles to be seen.”

Much preparation similarly had gone into the Chanukah concert. The singers - Benny Friedman, Shlock Rock, and Nissim Black - are among the top in current Jewish music. The organizers, mainly students from YU’s various student councils, both uptown and from downtown, hoped that their efforts to enlist such talent would lead to an entertaining concert. Indeed, they succeeded, and a well-attended concert was provided in Lamport Auditorium. Many people were dancing during the performances, and generally having a good time. When walking away from the event people talked about how much fun they had, and how much they enjoyed themselves.

On the last day of Chanukah there was a Yeshiva minyan which include a great deal of singing during the various parts of the service. Then, the Yeshiva came together for a breakfast in honor of the festival. At the breakfast, Rabbi Hershel Schachter spoke about the status of oil that is used for lighting Chanukah candles in Jewish law, and various other halachic aspects of the chag.

A big thanks must be extended to Student Organization of Yeshiva, and all the other councils and students who made these events possible. Events like these held throughout Chanukah certainly serve to raise the spirit of the general YU student body!