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7 Up, 7 Down


1- Taylor Swift: The highest sales for an album since 2002? Yeah, 1989 is that good. Probably even better. Long live Queen Taylor.

2- Pumpkin Spice: ‘Tis the season of pumpkin-spiced everything: lattes, Oreos, challah, donuts, and pizza. I think Golan is even offering Pumpkin Spice Shwarma. And pumpkin tastes so incredibly good.

3- NBA: LeBron’s back in Cleveland, the Spurs still pass the ball better than anyone, Derrick Rose is back, Lob City is in session in LA, the Warriors are quietly becoming the best team in the league, and even the Nets are showing some life. It’s going to be a great year for basketball.

4- Oscar Movie Season: Between Interstellar, Birdman, Gone Girl, Fury, Nightcrawler, and Foxcatcher, there are enough high quality films for everyone. And if those are too serious for you, try Big Hero 6, Hunger Games, or the new Hobbit. It’s a good time to go check out 84th Street’s incredible reclining couches.

5- Thanksgiving Break: With a Friday schedule on Wednesday and a Sunday schedule the first Monday back, we get almost a full week off. Enough time to catch up on all those Oscar movies.

6- Scarves: It’s that amazing time of year when the three inches in-between your coat collar and face get so incredibly cold they require their own piece of clothing. Just another excuse to go shopping and add some style to your outfit.

7- Taylor Swift: “Blank Space?!” “Style?!” “Clean?!” Every song on the album is an absolute masterpiece. If you haven’t yet listened to the album at least thirty times, you are missing out.



1- Midterms: They seem to go on for an entire semester, but you have to go to class everyday while studying for them. They’re really just the worst.

2- Rain: Now that fall has come, it seems like it rains every week, and it’s just unpleasant. Everything is wet and gross, and nobody likes raincoats. Like we needed another excuse to never leave our rooms.

3- Daylight Savings Time: Now every class after 4:00 PM takes place with no natural light. Good news is, you have another three hours of class in this darkness. Nothing like a good class-nap.

4- Commencement Change: Gradation is now during finals? It kind of puts a damper on the whole celebration when you have to study right afterwards because you didn’t actually finish college. On the positive side, anyone whose friends are graduating now has a great reason to bail on what promises to be a super boring event.

5- Sequels Upon Sequels Upon Sequels: Star Wars is getting three more sequels (if the three prequels haven’t already destroyed your childhood), Marvel has announced it is going to milk its comic book franchises for money until the end of time, and even Toy Story just announced another installment. Money always ruins childhood innocence.

6- Grandma’s Mental Hygiene: I’m not sure what the Mental Hygiene Department is, but I know they shouldn’t be shutting down Grandma’s. Hopefully this will at least get them to finally take down all those gross pictures on the walls.

7- Bomb Scare: While I appreciate the vigilance, one text would probably be enough. There is no reason for three emails, four texts, and five phone calls. Nothing YU related deserves five phone calls. Even if YU won the lottery and magically found itself with a billion dollars, I wouldn’t want five phone calls.