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News Briefs

Lawsuit Dismissal Upheld

Last Thursday, the Second Circuit Court of Appeals ruled to uphold the dismissal of the $680 million lawsuit that sought to shine a light on the claims of sexual abuse almost 35 former students of Yeshiva University’s MTA high school. Deciding that the statute of limitations had expired on the case, in which the first claims “were brought more than 20 years after the last plaintiff left,” as reported by the New York Law Journal. Though the victims’ head attorney, Kevin Mulhearn, protests that his clients could not even file for suit until they found out about the school's culpability in a 2012 article in The Jewish Daily Forward, federal judges decided that there had been ample opportunity to bring suit for many years. While Yeshiva University seeks to put the case behind them, Mulhearn vows to appeal the decision.


YU Shuttle App Released

YU just refuses to stop modernizing. Just in time for the fall semester, YU rolled out its new state-of-the-art shuttle app. The freshest addition to the YUMobile collection, the shuttle app allows students to reserve seats on YU’s intercampus shuttles, either through the app or its corresponding website. No longer must a student who wishes to journey between YU’s two campuses spend precious time on his phone, painstakingly spelling out his name to a frustrated YU security official. Instead he may simply consult the app’s streamlined interface, which conveniently displays all shuttle times, highlighting the available slots in steel blue. Aside from the inexplicable search feature, the app appears organized, straightforward, and poised to revamp the shuttle reservation process.