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Comings and Goings at YU

Over the summer, many staffing changes occurred at Yeshiva University across the administration and faculty. While some changes were surprising and others were expected, the impact of these changes will be felt by departments ranging from Athletics to Bible to Finance.

  • In the Admissions Office, Geri Mansdorf was appointed Director of Undergraduate Admissions, a position previously occupied for almost 25 years by Michael (Moish) Kranzler. Mrs. Mansdorf, who holds a Master’s degree in Education from the Azrieli Graduate School of Jewish Education and Administration, has been a member of the undergraduate admissions team at YU for ten years.
  • Jacob Harman has been appointed to the position of Vice President of Business Affairs and Chief Financial Officer. Harman will lead the University’s finance functions, while also playing a vital role in developing and implementing financial and operational plans to support and meet the strategic goals set by the University.
  • Seth Moskowitz is the new Vice President for Institutional Advancement. Moskowitz joins us with over thirty-five years of management and fundraising experience with non-profit, political, and communal organizations. Daniel Forman, who formerly held the post, is now the University’s senior philanthropic advisor.
  • As announced last semester, Dr. Selma Botman has officially assumed the post of Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs. Before joining the University, Botman served at City University of New York as Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and University Provost and more recently as a professor of Middle East history at the CUNY Graduate Center. Botman intends to teach a history course at Stern College in the future. Botman is filling the position previously held by Dr. Morton Lowengrub for fifteen years.
  • The previous Vice Provost of Undergraduate Education at Yeshiva University and former Professor of Jewish Studies, Lawrence Schiffman, has made an unusually quiet departure from YU and has returned to New York University.
  • At the Center for Jewish Future (CJF), Rabbi Kenneth Brander, founding dean of the CJF, moved over to the Office of the President, as the new Vice President for University and Community Life. Under this new role, Rabbi Brander will take on the responsibility for the broad areas of community service, undergraduate admissions, student life, and the university’s programs in Israel.
  • Rabbi Yaakov Glasser, ’99YC, ’01R, has succeeded Rabbi Brander as the David Mitzner Dean of YU’s CJF. Hezzy Jesin and Aliza Abrams were recently appointed as the Directors of Student Life, for the Wilf and Beren Campuses, respectively. As Director of Student Life, Abrams said that one of her goals is to develop new “club and program ideas, enhance spiritual life, and to share my expertise as with those currently running programs.” Mr. Jesin was director for the past three years. However, now he and Ms. Abrams plan to also coordinate programming and other issues between the Wilf and Beren campuses, a responsibility formerly held by Marc Spear, the previous Senior Director of Student Life. Abrams, at the Beren Campus, has replaced Rachel Ciment, who is now Director of Spiritual Guidance at the Beren Campus.
  • Former United States Senator Joseph Lieberman (I-CT) will join the political science department this spring, occupying the new Joseph Lieberman Chair in Public Policy and Public Service, dedicated in his honor. Senator Lieberman will teach one undergraduate course and give three public lectures, on topics ranging from Judaism and public service to the Middle East, throughout the University - one at Wilf Campus, one at Beren Campus, and one at the Cardozo Law School in Greenwich Village.
  • Shawn Zelig Aster was Assistant Professor of Bible here at YU. He has left for Bar Ilan University where he now researches the history and geography of the biblical period.
  • Debra Kaplan was the Dr. Pinkhos Churgin Memorial Associate Professor of Jewish History at Yeshiva University. She has left for Bar Ilan University where she is now a social historian of the early modern period.
  • Professor Amish Khalfan’s departure was a big surprise. Winner of last year’s Professor of the Year Award, Dr. Khalfan taught various math and physics courses and was admired by many students. After seeking tenure at Yeshiva University, a position the University was unwilling to give, he moved over to LCC, which offered him a tenure-track position.
  • Hill Krishnan, of the political science department, left at the conclusion of the first summer session after YU rescinded its offer of tenure to him. He is now teaching political science at California Polytechnic University.
  • In the Operations department, Frank Guelpa, the Production Services Supervisor, has retired. Productions manager Marcelino Soto will now coordinate the department. Similarly, Wilf Campus Housekeeping Manager Robert Vallespi has retired and the department will now be managed in the daytime by Marcus Rodriguez and in the evenings by Omar Pineda.
  • Finally, in the Athletics department, the highest profile change was at men’s basketball, where Elliot Steinmetz has taken over from legendary coach Jonathan Halpert. Additionally, Joseph Agrest was hired as the head coach for women’s volleyball, and Jacqui Dauphinais was hired as head coach for men’s volleyball coach. Matthew Jeran has been hired as the men’s golf coach, and Gabe Haber was hired as head coach for women’s soccer. Erica Lemm has been hired as Assistant Director of Athletics.